Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On Etymological Misconceptions...

In the past, I have recieved a lot of flack for a pet peeve of mine involving the terminology of the sport. Let us make one thing clear... the name of the sport is "disc golf", not Frisbee golf. Granted, in the past I have almost been as the Spanish Inquisition about appropriate uses. More recently, I have loosened my Pharisaical plight to the more novice of people. Whereas before, I would correct anyone who would say frisbee (or the deplorable frolf) around me, now I only correct those for whom the adjustment is necessary to be taken seriously on the course.

First off, let us consider the argument against, a three-pronged attack from which there is no deniability:

1. Official terminology from within the sport always uses the term "disc", not "frisbee". For example, the leading body for the sport is the Professional Disc Golfing Association (PDGA). Hence, if the sport does not refer to itself in any relation to the word "frisbee", why should anyone.

2. The only reason the term frisbee ever even became associated with the sport is only a result of name-brand association. This exists elsewhere as well. You may hear tissues be called Kleenex or adhessive strips be called Band-Aids. So people also call all discs frisbees instead of the prescribed "disc" because this is the only term they know discs by, notwithstanding the fact that Innova or Discraft are the notable names within the disc golf community. Which brings me to my third point...

3. FRISBEE DOES NOT MAKE DISC GOLF DISCS! In fact, here is a link to Wham-O, the company that brought us the Frisbee: http://www.wham-o.com/default.cfm?page=ViewProducts&Category=2. I believe it would be reductio ad absurdum to demonstrate the futility in calling the sport by a brand name that has no actual association with the sport. Therefore, I will say no more on this.

That said, let me lighten up on those found in violation of using inappropriate terminology. I care no longer whether or not you call the sport frisbee golf. In the past, I considered myself a regulator of such things, but apathy has begun to win me over. So do not feel obligated to check your verbage when in conversation with me about the sport. Only those who declare a sort of devotion to the sport may receive a small nudge, but only for posterity's sake.

Just be aware that within the sport are people who consider frisbee to be the TRUE "f"-word. Such people often demonstrate this in their language.

Thank you Deb for reminding me of my past zealotry.

"Dr. Jekyll is wrestlin' Hide for my pride"



URBWes said...

Doug, I have to ask why?! and where do you find the time to write this?!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! :)

PS- I thought of another, what about "Play-Doh"? :)

Mid Range King said...

Point taken.