Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Double Dipping

I just got back from throwing 36 holes with my man, Jiggs. What with the departure for the ultimate bachelor discing experience a mere week away, we needed to put in some work. And since neither of us had put in a double yet this season, we needed to get going on that.

My first round was pretty solid. I wasn't coming away with the birdies I needed, but I wasn't dropping fours either. It was a nice steady round, necessary for building up the confidence. We rested for about 10 min before starting in again. Apparently upon our return, my muscles decided to take a nap and my accuracy went out the window. We did finish strong however, making me feel pretty good about the trip. Obviously, Highbridge is another beast altogether, with nothing around here comparable in distance or difficulty, yet I think it'll be a great time, all I was hoping for. My DX Wraith is rocking Amadeus, and I can't wait for my arm to get accustomed to the Nuke. All very promising!

I have another round with Jiggs on Monday and I might throw in some putt practice before we go, but other than that, we're ready for the trip! See ya'll soon!


Oh yeah, and I get married in 60 days. Boom!

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Harky said...

Highbridge is a beast. Looking forward to throwing with you again. Speaking of beasts, i threw my innova Beast into a beast of a pond the other day. The beast can fly but the beast cant swim. Gonna have to get a floater. See you soon.