Friday, February 15, 2013

Catch-Up Post # 1: ace rACE Numero Dos

It seems to be about this time of year that we take the time to dust off the lamp and fire up the cold...not talking Minnesota cold here but the blog site. I have succumbed to the business of the holiday season as well as the new addition to my family. Levi Michael was born on February 6th, 2013 and thus taken up a lot of my "spare" time when I would normally be writing blog posts.

On October 27th, I made the trip up to the Twin Cities of Mn to meet up with Diggs and play in my 2nd Ace Race of the season. After having one already under my belt and feeling very comfortable with the prototype disc now named the Zombee I felt that I had a decent chance at some chains.  The ace race/tournament was organized by one of the best disc golf outfitters in the Cities. Gotta Go Gotta Throw. This is the 3rd event I have played with them and haven't been disappointed yet. They do a wonderful job at stressing the events are to be FUN and spirited.

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 Differences from this Ace Race to the one I played previously in July. This race was on a ball golf course and there were 27 holes.  Each participant was given two opportunities to try for an ace on each hole.  Also I ended up with max weight discs instead of light ones like in Willmar. Not that that really mattered in the long run. The holes were a little short for the type of disc we were throwing...but it all worked out. Oh and by the way it was about 25 degrees outside that makes a difference compared to 80 degrees.

I woke up that morning with really no expectations. I hadn't in my opinion had adequate practice time the last few weeks and really was expecting to just play terrrrrible as they say.  Diggs and I found ourselves in a great group of 5 or 6 the number escapes me now that its been about 4 months.  Guys who were serious players but also realizing that it's just a great game we play.  For the most part I would say our group was right around the same skill level.  Although we did find ourselves in a group with a past Ace Race winner (the guy actually liked last years disc.)

Like most tournaments for me personally...I take a few holes to warm up and that day literally. I had gloves and about 5 layers on. It was a very brisk fall day, frost on the ground and air that can take your breath away.  As I got familiar with the brand new discs that I was given I became more and more familiar with the max weights and kept with my strategy.  Throw them like my Stalker. Since they essentially were a shorter version of them.

I'll cut to the chase now...cause as blogs go if I don't give some meat...people look for desert and then jet. So during my round I was laser with my shots getting close but no cigar in many shots.  Then all of a sudden the clouds opened up and I started connecting. Ended up with three metal hits chains and all. non of them were sticking. Kind of frustrating and our group was feeling the same thing. No aces until the last 4 holes. It was hole 25 I believe. A straight forward hole about 125 feet away.  I threw my pink Zombee on a direct line and it connected with the chains straight at the pole and stuck. Boom ACE! So pumped I held up my fist and pumped the air as I bolted towards the basket to retrieve my disc. I tried to act like I'd done it before because I can't stand people who freak out when they do something that is expected.

Side note. Diggs's ace this summer is an OK situation to freak out. (the kid stuck it with a nuke from 365 carrying water).

So I pick up my disc and then high five the group and prepare for my second shot...miss. Oh well...must have been the adrenaline from the last shot I threw. I ended up having the only ace of the group and left the morning in great contention 1 Ace and 3 Metals. I left feeling pretty proud of myself. I was pretty lights out that day. Trying to remain humble but feeling like I was playing pretty good disc at the time.

In the end, I didn't win the tournament...3 Aces won the goods but I did come away with about $50 bucks worth of prize vouchers.

I cashed in for the following discs:

1-Innova Champion Valkyrie (need a second to start breaking in)

1-Vibram Ascent (supposedly sticks to the ground when it lands)

1-Discraft Glo Stalker

1- Discraft Buzz ESP

All in All a great event and well worth the time to hang out with a great friend.

Until next time. See you around the blog.

Mid Range King


Diggs said...

I'd like to note that we were playing on practice baskets in which nothing would catch. Some of those metal hits were dead center chain and bounced out. I honestly don't know how the winner knocked down three.

Mid Range King said...

Great addition Diggs...I definitely neglected to mention the type of baskets used.

Diggs said...

I mention it only to do your accomplishment justice