Monday, June 20, 2011

My Top 10 Recomendations For Innova Discs 2011

This is a list of what i consider being the top 10 Innova discs to have in your bag.

I wrote this to be understood even by beginners. So if you want to recommend this information to any one just starting out, be my guest.

Innova uses a simple rating system to describe their discs.
Speed: 1-13 This is simple, higher speed rating = faster disc = farther throw at top speed.
Glide: 1-7 This number determines the average glide time. More glide = more distance.
Turn: 1-(-5) This number represents the discs tendency to turn or resist turning Right with a normal right handed backhand throw(RHBH). +1 is resistant to turning and a -5 will turn more sharply.
Fade: 0-5 This is the degree of fade to the left at the end of the discs pattern during a RHBH throw. 0=minimal fade, 5=maximum sharp fade.

As for plastic quality, if you are serious about the game and your accuracy, i recommend going with the Pro plastic or any of the Star plastics. If you are more concerned about durability and how long the disc will last and less concerned about grip or subtle accuracies, then i recommend the Champion plastics.

We will start with the highest speed drivers and work our way down to putt and approach.

> Boss distance driver: S=13  G=5  T=(-1)  F=3

> Vulcan distance driver:  S=13  G=5  T=(-4)  F=2

> Beast distance driver:  S=10  G=5  T=(-2)  F=2

> Valkyrie distance driver:  S=9  G=4  T=(-2)  F=2

> TL fairway driver:  S=7  G=5  T=0  F=1

> Skeeter mid-range:  S=5  G=5  T=(-1)  F=1

> Roc mid-range:  S=4  G=4  T=0  F=3

> Stingray mid-range:  S=4  G=5  T=(-3)  F=1

> KC Aviar putt and approach:  S=2  G=3  T=0  F=2

> Rhyno putt and approach:  S=2  G=1  T=0  F=3

These are just my opinions and i would love to hear your opinions and feedback.

Coming Soon....... Discraft Top 10

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