Monday, August 20, 2012

Ace Race 2012 Postview?? -- MRK Edition

The weekend is quickly coming to a close...figured I'd type out a recap of my 2012 Ace Race experience. There's a reason why Discraft states that this is the most fun tournament of the year it's because there's nothing like really trying hard to hit an ace and then doing it.  I had a blast out at the 1st Annual Robbin's Island DGC sponsored by Discraft and put on by the Great Willmar Area Disc Golf Association.  It's supposed to be a fun tournament full of whoops!!! Hollas!! and screams of METAL!!!!!! and ACE!!!!!

As mentioned earlier I was interested in this event for the discs...they in my initial opinion did not disappoint. The disc has the feel of a mid range disc but the length of a driver. Probably why the classify it as a "long range driver" I like the statement longer than a buzz but slower than a stalker. I took the mindset when throwing to throw it like I would throw my stalker. When you give this disc some gas it flies straight as an arrow.  The less speed you get the more hyzer occurs. I didn't really get it to S much...but the hole distances were 125-250 mostly at this course. I'm thinking if a person really could air one out it may S a bit...but think holds its line.  Next question for me is....Will it find a spot in my bag...the jury is still out on it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ace Race 2012 Preview--MRK Edition

It's that time of the year again.ACE RACE Season is open and sponsored by Discraft.  I first was exposed to this unique event last fall when I made a pilgrimage down to Omaha, NE to play with Diggs.  We really were walking into the event blind other than the fact that we knew the course.  However, the event is won or in our case lost by the new prototype disc that you get.  Sadly, last years disc was granted PDGA approval and let's just say the Zeppelin is awaiting its production fate with Discraft.  I was not a big fan of the disc but to each its own I guess.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Brown Deer Trials

     In an ambitious attempt to kick start my disc golf "career" after my approximately 4 year sudo hiatus, I have looked up some of the best courses in the Milwaukee area. Brown Deer DGC is proving to be one of my favorites ever. Last week I shot 9 over par and today I improved that to only 4 over par. Feeling pretty good about it right now.

     It is proving to be a very nicely laid out course with a wonderfull blend or styles. Some holes are tight and very technical, bending left or right. There are two holes that are 650plus that soar over open fields. Those are great holes to work your distance throws on. You can read more about the BD DGC in my review at the end of the post, and a link to the review on

     On another ambitious note. I am planning a camping/disc golf weekend for myself. I will be driving north to the Brillion, WI are and playing on the Rollin Ridge DGC and spending a day over by Manitowoc, WI playing at the Silver Creek Park DGC. I am looking forward to this personal challenge and a long weekend of Disc Golf.

Pros: Very nice technical course with a well planned flow, including a few holes 650+ft over fields to mix it up. Not one hole felt too easy or out of place. Very scenic and quiet park as well. Can't beat the cost (FREE). I will be making this one of my regular/favorite courses.

Cons: Looks like some course maintenance could be done but nothing that limits or diminishes the play. A sign proclaiming where the course starts would be appreciated, FYI-It's behind the tennis courts.

Other Thoughts: Also a great park to take the family to. Kids can play on many of the swing sets and playground areas and there are plenty of trails for walking and a good spot or two or six for picnicking. Great park. Also has a rather nice regular golf course in the park as well.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cold Lampin' Weekend Pt 1: Homage to Barry

Much as last year, I hope to recount to all the experience of the disc weekend over the course of the next couple weeks by focusing on one day at a time.  First up is Thursday, arrival day.

Picking up El Cunado nearby the original home for the SCDGA (now Team Cold Lampin'), BroLo and I made our way up to the Cities in decent time, hitting up the hotel around suppertime.  Little were we aware that the excursion's festivities had already begun.  MRK and URBWes stuck their toes in the water earlier in the day by throwing a few holes.  "No worries," thought I.  "We'll play enough as it is."

Prophetic words, indeed.

Unfortunately, our tale of the day's disc activity will be short a member as Harky and the fam were a bit behind the clock.  Turns out kids slow down long car rides.  Who knew?  But determined to get this business underway, the four folks in attendance took advantage of the remaining daylight to hit up Bryant Lake Park.