Sunday, August 05, 2012

Brown Deer Trials

     In an ambitious attempt to kick start my disc golf "career" after my approximately 4 year sudo hiatus, I have looked up some of the best courses in the Milwaukee area. Brown Deer DGC is proving to be one of my favorites ever. Last week I shot 9 over par and today I improved that to only 4 over par. Feeling pretty good about it right now.

     It is proving to be a very nicely laid out course with a wonderfull blend or styles. Some holes are tight and very technical, bending left or right. There are two holes that are 650plus that soar over open fields. Those are great holes to work your distance throws on. You can read more about the BD DGC in my review at the end of the post, and a link to the review on

     On another ambitious note. I am planning a camping/disc golf weekend for myself. I will be driving north to the Brillion, WI are and playing on the Rollin Ridge DGC and spending a day over by Manitowoc, WI playing at the Silver Creek Park DGC. I am looking forward to this personal challenge and a long weekend of Disc Golf.

Pros: Very nice technical course with a well planned flow, including a few holes 650+ft over fields to mix it up. Not one hole felt too easy or out of place. Very scenic and quiet park as well. Can't beat the cost (FREE). I will be making this one of my regular/favorite courses.

Cons: Looks like some course maintenance could be done but nothing that limits or diminishes the play. A sign proclaiming where the course starts would be appreciated, FYI-It's behind the tennis courts.

Other Thoughts: Also a great park to take the family to. Kids can play on many of the swing sets and playground areas and there are plenty of trails for walking and a good spot or two or six for picnicking. Great park. Also has a rather nice regular golf course in the park as well.


Mid Range King said...

I can't wait to hear (read) how the camping/disc golf weekend went. :)

Harky said...

MRK, I an sorry to disappoint. I have had to put a small hold on my solo trip, however I do plan on completing it before the season is out, probably in early or late September. The ever constant demon of the modern family has reared it's ugly head...... I.E. we ran out of entertainment money to spend. :) I have multiple home fix it projects and a former unemployment slump to re-coop from. So the plan is to fill the coffers up a bit and then head out again.

Harky said...

I should say that in the mean time I still plan on playing 1-2 times a week, either at Village Park DGC in Sussex, or at the Brown Deer DGC in Milwaukee. VP is okay with some nice open holes but I do prefer the technical approaches to BD the most. I also plan on doing course reviews of my own as I play.

Harky said...

Instead of going out of town and having to pay for gas, a place to camp, and food. I am going to spend all day Saturday the 18th playing at both the Brown Deer DGC and Dretzka Park DGC. Both of which are wonderful and free, thanks to the work and dedication of the Milwaukee Parks and Recreation Dept.
Dretzka Park DGC:
Brown Deer DGC: