Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top 5 Innova Discs Perscribed by Urbwes

First of all, my Highbridge post is forthcoming. It will be filled with musings about the amazing experience and the lessons I have learned. I'm excited to post but I thought I would follow the "top innova" thread first. (That being said, I recently started concentrating on my footwork only and not reaching back quite so far and my distance has already shown a marked improvement. The motion feels more fluid and has more snap behind it. I'm excited to test my distance threshold in a field once the Marshall winds stop knocking baskets over!)

Back to the post at hand....

My game started almost purely innova (with a slight blemish called the DC Rattler which shall be forevermore forgotten). I've been slowly moving more DC heavy, but I still cling to certain "favorites". My top five is populated either by discs still in the bag or ones that have only been usurped for reasons I will disclose in good time. So, without further delay, my top five innova discs.

5. DX Roc
I must put the DX Roc on my list for one reason: I have had the most runs at the basket with this disc. I've made my longest "putt" with a white DX Roc (now a "hand me up" to my dad).
Back in the 'ol SC days I had a Blue 174g Roc that was the best touch disc I have ever thrown. It would glide with ease and almost always land under the basket. Alas, my putting game was horrendous, in part, becuase I never had to putt! The only caveat I have is the wide range of exerpiences I have had with the DX Roc; my first was a dream, the second a Red tinted nightmare, and the third took a long period of breaking in before becoming the "touch" disc I know and love.

4. DX Beast
I have a DX beast in my bag that I use for one purpose: Long anhyzers. I took the stamp off with acetone for fun so it looks really sleek. I love this disc since I've basically lost my forehand release in that last few years. If I release it on a slight anhyzer at low speeds it will hold the line all the way to the ground, and If I really snap it flat it will blast out of sight to the right (I'm RHBH). It used to be my "water disc", but now I don't know what I would do without one in my bag.

3. Champ Wraith
This disc is my new "go-to" driver. It's taken a short period of breaking in, but I can manage a long, smooth S-curve with this disc. Perhaps the best reason to promote the Champ Wraith is the fact that I was one errant throw away from "parring" the longest hole in the world! The only disc in my bag that goes farther is my DC Z Nuke, but I'm not ready to cede "go-to" status. The wraith, for me, is easier to control and has a comfortable rim (not a big fan of those fat rims on heavy duty drivers). I have a fairly weak arm at this point so I don't need an uber-high speed disc to gain my max-d. I would also have to give a +1 to Diggs DX Wraith, but with one complaint. I had one that flew amazingly, but after only a half-season it started turning over way too much. I couldn't get the thing to come back. The champ plastic doesn't present quite as wide a turn as the DX, but I'll sacrifice it for durability.

On a side note, my friend Kyle from way up north was starting to break 300' in his second season of discin' last year and hit a new high of around 340' with his purple Champ wraith (called the "Grapes of Wraith"). I Heartily endorse this disc!

2. DX Wolf
Just like Diggs, this is a long running disc in my bag (though not as old as his Orange one). Currently I only carry two types of midranges (Z Buzzz for Hyzer, X Buzzz for straight, and DX wolf for anhyzer). I would say it acts much like my DX Beast, but on the mid-range scale. This thing also floats out of sight! At my home course we designed a hole under a low lying canopy of trees that border both sides of a narrow alley of grass (think the Blue Ribbon signature hole). I find I can simply release the Wolf flat slightly to the left and it will follow a slow line to the right edge of the fairway where the basket is found. An awesome "touch" disc.

1. Champ Tee-Bird
Those of you who went to Hybridge will attest to this. I rely heavily on my "fire engine red" Tee-Bird. There is no better disc in my bag when I need to place a disc in just the right spot down the fareway. As long as I'm on my game releasing well and aiming, this disc just finds the fareway. I recetly bought a TL in my effort to reduce the different molds I carry (it's a straighter Teebird for those that don't know) and I like it as well. It basically acts like my well-used Tee-bird right out of the box. Everyone should have a Tee-bird in their bag.

Other noteworthy Innova plastic in my bag:

Champ Destroyer: Thumbers and the occasional forehand shot for my weaker arm

Champ Sidewinder: Used to swear by this disc but I'm just geeting used to it again after suffering at the hand of the nauseatingly different Star Sidewinder (they aren't even close!)

In response to some of the other posts (IMHO):

The skeeter is a waste of time: is it a putter or a mid? it can't decide and does both poorly.

The Rhyno was my *cough* first putter and I loved it until I met the aviar which I loved until I met the DC Banger...

The Stingray: I saw J "The Muscles" Chaffin go from promising disc player to habitual disc "burner" with the Stingray. No dice with this disc

The Champ Spider is one of my greatest disc golf regrets. I've seen that disc do amazing things in the hands of Mid Range King and Diggs. I've just never gotten around to throwing one myself

The Aviar: I pulled mine out yesterday for putting practice and I was sinking more gimme range putts with it that my GT Banger. It might make a resurgence...


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top 5 Innova Disc's perscribed by the Mid Range King

In keeping with the recient blog posts, I'm following suit with my own list of Innova's Top 5, count'em Five of my favorite discs.  I would also like to extend a warm Cold Lampin welcome to some of our newest contributers, JVR and Harky. This blog started as a place to just rattle off random thoughts about disc golf about five years ago.  Who  would have thought that we'd still be keeping up with it let alone adding new contributers to the mix. I'm so excited to see where this blog will go in the future. Glad you all are along for the ride.

Response to Harky's previous post:
Of those you recomended, I've thrown the Boss, KC Aviar, Beast, Valkyrie, and the Roc. So I can speak to those discs. The Vulcan is too new for me, TL: well I got a Teebird & DC Stalker so a TL is no use at the moment, Skeeter: no experience but I have talked to two different Wes' about their Skeeters and they both agree that the disc is absolutely terrible. (Urbwes feel free to discredit my opinion, if I misspoke) I would not recomend that disc. Stingrays & Rhynos, I haven't any experience with those discs so I'll leave them alone.  Thanks again for the thoughts and post, it's generated lots of thought and posts.

On to the List of my picks for Innova's Top 5 Discs:    In no perticular order....

5) Champ Spider (Mid Range) This disc (origionally the DX version) has a special place in my heart because it's the disc I cut my teeth on and subsequiently created the handle MidRangeKing from. Great disc for long hyzer shots.

4) Pro Starfire (Distance Driver) This disc also had special powers for me in the sence that it did the exact opposite of what it was ment to do. Originally it is supposed to be a relatively straight disc with some fade towards the end. However, this disc for me became my huge anhyzer disc and never seemed to burn back left. Curse the retched giant bush on hole 7  at Acorn Park that took this disc from me.

  3) Champ Valkyrie (Distance Driver) One of the most consistant discs on the market. Get's me huge distance, with relatively little power. I have never played a round without one.

2) Star Wraith (Distance Driver) Some guy wrote "Ballin is a Habit" on this disc. I had grown quite fond of this disc. Huge distance, with predictable fade. However, you need a power arm to throw the Star plastic. Sadly this disc is no longer with us. Probably floating down the Missouri...Diggs or JVR if you see it in Omaha Pick it up for me.

1) DX Aviar (Putter) I haven't had too many different putters over my disc golf career (I can offically call it a career b/c I got two tournaments under my But the DX Aviar has been a consistant part of my game. It's a predictable straight shooter with consistant fade. Once you break the disc in it becomes more understable which has caused me to expand my horizons to other putters.  But a classy edition to any bag nontheless.

Other notable discs that didn't make the list....but should be included.

* DX Dragon (Distance Driver) Floats on water nuff said.
*Champ Roadrunner (Distance Driver) Huge S Curve.
*Champ Teebird (Fairway Driver) Consistant slow fade.

I could add a few more...but if I were to play a round consisting of only Innova Discs these are the disc's I'd bring to battle.  As always free to comment with agreements or disagreements.

Until my Highbridge Post...Find some Dry grass and go practice.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top 10 Innova Discs 2011 ~ A Response from Diggs

Before I get going here, a few notes. First of all, the trip to Highbridge was AWESOME!, if not a bit rainy. More on this later. Much later. When I finally recover from the awesome-ness coma.

Second, we here at Cold Lampin' would like to extend our welcome to long-time friend and new-time blogger, Harky. Harky hails from the state of Wisconsin and may be able to offer us some fresh insight from a discing mind not influenced by Minnesota discing (fun side note: the first time I disced with Harky was down here in Omaha, my first rounds down here).

Now on with the show...

A recap of Harky's selection includes four distance drivers, three mid-ranges, a couple putters, and a fairway driver. A nice mix of discs with some variations on new and older discs. Solid selection, though I seem to differ on a number of these.

By way of confession, I've not thrown the TL, Boss, Rhyno or Skeeter much (fewer than 20 times each), and I've yet to throw the Vulcan at all, making my analysis tainted. Yet, all such lists necessarily are. Yet, I think my top 10 may still prove valid and (hopefully) useful. What I am including that Harky did not was a preferred plastic-type for each of my ten, obviously influenced by my own preferences.

And here we go in no particular order...

10. KC Aviar X (putter) - a softer gummier version of the classic Aviar, it sticks in chains well and feels comfortable in the hands. Has a tendency to get a bit too floppy in very warm weather. This is the only putter on my list as (aside from just the classic Aviar, Innova's putters hold little sway with me).

9. Champ Spider (mid-range) - Very dependable with good distance for a mid-range. Even doubled as my putter for a time.

8. DX Wolf (mid-range) - More of a sentimental pick really, but my beaten-in Wolf is by far my go-to disc for slow, sharp, short Anhyzers

7. Champ Teebird (fairway) - Until the DC Stalker came out, this was my favorite steady-eddie type disc. Clean and predictable lines and easy fade.

6. Champ Sidewinder (distance) - Not a big fan of many of the other understables under a 10-speed, I can be sure to pull a big turn, while not auto-burning like the Roadrunner.

5. DX Wraith (distance) - Fast and prone to turning over, but without the instability of the Beast. I throw this one far.

4. Star Destroyer (distance) - Just plain fun to throw. She's fast.

3. DX Roc (mid-range) - It's the classic. A bag shouldn't be without one.

2. DX Dragon (distance-ish) - It's a floater and only comes in 150 class. It's nice for those huge flip-turnover shots (and water throws that have a high pucker factor).

1. DX Valkyrie (distance) - Can't leave the world's distance record holder off, can you?

Great idea, Harky. Feel free to respond as you will. I'd be interested to hear other contributor's thoughts, as well. Though, may I suggest that we narrow the field to top 5? Ten just leaves so much room!

Until later, keep that lamp cold. Meet you back at the chains...


Monday, June 20, 2011

So,...Whats in your bag?

I have seen a lot of pros listing what they throw and what is always in their bag.
I thought it might be fun to hear what is in all of yours.
Here is your opportunity to give us your "professional" bag status.

Get your bags out and let us know...

Whats in your bag?

My Top 10 Recomendations For Innova Discs 2011

This is a list of what i consider being the top 10 Innova discs to have in your bag.

I wrote this to be understood even by beginners. So if you want to recommend this information to any one just starting out, be my guest.

Innova uses a simple rating system to describe their discs.
Speed: 1-13 This is simple, higher speed rating = faster disc = farther throw at top speed.
Glide: 1-7 This number determines the average glide time. More glide = more distance.
Turn: 1-(-5) This number represents the discs tendency to turn or resist turning Right with a normal right handed backhand throw(RHBH). +1 is resistant to turning and a -5 will turn more sharply.
Fade: 0-5 This is the degree of fade to the left at the end of the discs pattern during a RHBH throw. 0=minimal fade, 5=maximum sharp fade.

As for plastic quality, if you are serious about the game and your accuracy, i recommend going with the Pro plastic or any of the Star plastics. If you are more concerned about durability and how long the disc will last and less concerned about grip or subtle accuracies, then i recommend the Champion plastics.

We will start with the highest speed drivers and work our way down to putt and approach.

> Boss distance driver: S=13  G=5  T=(-1)  F=3

> Vulcan distance driver:  S=13  G=5  T=(-4)  F=2

> Beast distance driver:  S=10  G=5  T=(-2)  F=2

> Valkyrie distance driver:  S=9  G=4  T=(-2)  F=2

> TL fairway driver:  S=7  G=5  T=0  F=1

> Skeeter mid-range:  S=5  G=5  T=(-1)  F=1

> Roc mid-range:  S=4  G=4  T=0  F=3

> Stingray mid-range:  S=4  G=5  T=(-3)  F=1

> KC Aviar putt and approach:  S=2  G=3  T=0  F=2

> Rhyno putt and approach:  S=2  G=1  T=0  F=3

These are just my opinions and i would love to hear your opinions and feedback.

Coming Soon....... Discraft Top 10

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It is Time!

Tomorrow we depart. We six intrepid discers from four states will brave great distances, flooding rivers, and even Wisconsin in our search of disc golfing nirvana.

The destination: Highbridge Hills SC
The task: Golf the whole of all Highbridge's five 18 hole courses and one 9 hole night course from the long tees... in a day and a half
The people: Dear members and friends of the SCDGA
The excuse: My bachelor party
The purpose: Fulfilling a desire of half a decade to explore the bounty of Highbridge
The time: Now!

My fellow discers, we are about to embark on the fulfillment of dreams! This will represent the culmination of this season in my life and the beginning of a new epoch in discing for us.

Gentlemen. It is time.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Highbridge or bust.

Once again, it has been too long since I've posted to the website. Don't let the lack of postings fool you, however, I am seriously excited to play at Highbridge! I've been playing as much as possible to get my arm ready and I'd like to share a few of the specific things that I think have elevated my game:

- played a tournament (sure it was only 10 people, it was snowing, and I payed the worst round of my life but I'm only the better for the experience)
- took a disc golf tour with my friend Jacob (we visited Brookings and Sioux Falls during that heat wave so we didn't end with the Pipestone round I was expecting)
- more driving range with a concetration on the reach back. I'm trying to create a more consistent reach back that stays tight to my torso as I pull through. I think the slow and methodical work has helped.
- This week, in preparation, I plan on lost of putting practice. I did that every round last year and I still haven't hit my putting confidence on last fall.

I'm excited to play and also to see how everyone's game has improved. I know that time has improved my play in many ways and I'm sure to pick up a few pointers this weekend!


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Double Dipping

I just got back from throwing 36 holes with my man, Jiggs. What with the departure for the ultimate bachelor discing experience a mere week away, we needed to put in some work. And since neither of us had put in a double yet this season, we needed to get going on that.

My first round was pretty solid. I wasn't coming away with the birdies I needed, but I wasn't dropping fours either. It was a nice steady round, necessary for building up the confidence. We rested for about 10 min before starting in again. Apparently upon our return, my muscles decided to take a nap and my accuracy went out the window. We did finish strong however, making me feel pretty good about the trip. Obviously, Highbridge is another beast altogether, with nothing around here comparable in distance or difficulty, yet I think it'll be a great time, all I was hoping for. My DX Wraith is rocking Amadeus, and I can't wait for my arm to get accustomed to the Nuke. All very promising!

I have another round with Jiggs on Monday and I might throw in some putt practice before we go, but other than that, we're ready for the trip! See ya'll soon!


Oh yeah, and I get married in 60 days. Boom!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Discover Wisconsin: High Bridge Hills Edition

I found this neat video on the history of Highbridge while doing some research on the current poll question that it up. Enjoy. It has a touristy feel to it but good futage none the less. I'm getting Pumped!! Follow the Link cause it wouldn't work to embed it right here sorry for that one.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Got Game

Well, the results from May's poll is in. When asked what part of their game they thought was the most solid, participants (all four) were split. We had 2 votes for mid-range shots, while we had one vote for driving accuracy and cold lamping respectively.

With no votes cast for distance driving or putting, our poor, intrepid group seems to miss out on either side of the "drive for show; putt for dough" adage. Not only can we not drive far, we cannot close holes well. I suppose it is good then that our approach games are solid. And if the work on the course does not work out, we can always cold lamp with the best of them! I would call this fairly accurate, though, from what I know of our members' games.

On to the next poll!

This month, in preparation for the Bachelor Weekend of the Century, we will explore which course we look forward to the most at Highbridge Hills Sports Complex. While Gold may have an inside track, don't count out the night course.

This month should have some solid posts coming, including the King and I's Memorial Day trip to the new South Sioux City course (surprising stuff, let me tell you) as well as eventual recaps from the Bachelor Weekend trip. Stay tuned, ya'll!

Meet you back at the tee...