Sunday, March 27, 2016

Redemption Round

You hear that?
That's the sound of a year going by without a blog post.  I take my share of the blame for such failings, but there are reasons for my absence. Good reasons.  For instance, one generally has to be playing disc golf in order for there to be something to post about it.  I haven't been so fortunate.

Let me take you back...

The year is 2013.  My wife and I were living only a couple miles from Jiggs on one side and a course on the other.  Life was good.  But life changes.  Late that summer, I made the move to the east coast to pursue an advanced degree.  Graduate school is difficult and time consuming, but I was excited and hopeful!  See there is an immediate difference between states in the west and states in the east... size.  They pack so many states in here it is amazing I don't accidentally cross state lines when I go for a walk.  My plan was simple.  Use my time here as an opportunity to explore as many courses in as many states as I could possibly fit in.  I reasoned that I could easily add ten states to my total.  The Cold Lampin' Course Map was going to look awesome!  I had three years in which to do it.  I graduate this May.  Know how many new states and courses I've added to my tally?

Three courses and two states.  That's all.  Pretty depressing really.  Part of the problem is available time.  I count pages read in the thousands now.  That means no time for disc.  I have had internships and summers back in the midwest.  That means no time for new courses.  I have experienced the birth of my first child (YAY!).  That means no time for sleep, much less discing.

Another problem is the east coast itself.  There may be a ton of states out here, but their course options are paltry.  Last I checked, Rhode Island has two courses.  Two.  I live in Jersey, and in Jersey traffic, I have little opportunity to travel with any kind of efficiency.  My driving range is limited, so my course selection in this already limited area is even moreso.

But let's be honest.  These are all excuses.  The bottom line is that I had a goal.  My timeline for completing that goal is almost finished, and it looks like I have failed.  But sometimes life gives you a +1 life mushroom.  Circumstances of life have conspired to keep us here for additional time.

That means I have an opportunity.  An opportunity to take advantage of my location and accomplish the goals I had set out to do.  It will not be easy.  My weekends will not necessarily be free time and my work days will be just that.  But maybe.  Just maybe I will be able to fit in some disc.  I hope it to be true.

So keep your eyes on the Cold Lampin' Course Map page.  Hopefully you'll see some numbers change.  Until then, Lampers, stay frosty.


"So I'm back up in the game, running things to keep my swing... Return of the Mack"

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