Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Worst. Day. Ever.

The weather finally seems to be getting better.  My back is still bothering me, but we'll play through it.  Little option, really.  When the disc bug gets in ya, you just have to get it out!

This effectively is the beginning of a lot of our seasons.  If your first rounds are much like mine, you will be reminded of how poorly you really do play this game.  Understandable.  You have to re-learn every disc.  Every throw.  Every angle and strategy and hole habits.  Those throws you were making in the fall just aren't flowing in the spring.  You know it will get better with time... just sucks now.

Got me to thinking.

What was the worst day/experience you have had in disc golf?  Figured I'd let this one marinate a bit before I offer mine.  Give you all a chance to give yours.

As you rehash those memories you thought you had left behind, be entertained by someone else s worst time.  Enjoy.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Identity Crisis

For those of you who didn't know (and here I'm talking to you, Mother Nature), we are now officially in Spring.  Everyone seems to know this except for the weather.  Spring... you're late.  We need you.  For you Southern folk, this merely represents the difference between playing in short- or long-sleeve shirts.  For us in the Midwest, this is the difference between playing or not playing at all.  Sure, we have some crazies that will disc all-the-year long without regard to ice or snow levels.  But I have become increasingly more convinced that this continued play might actually hurt your game as much as help it.  Almost pulled a groin last time I tried to throw from a patch of ice.

No.  While I have been known to throw down in the elements, I am afraid this does not appeal to me as a substitute for a bearable round of disc golf.  The Jiggs & Diggs Express is more fortunate than most in the Cold Lampin' Love Covenant (we live south of MOST of the snow).  We have had more opportunity to get out than the others.  Still, means little when we're talking about a snow forecast just a hop and a skip away from May Day.

But I believe in equity.  I do not think it fair to have more opportunity to prepare for the upcoming disc weekend (even if it is in the middle of the week this go around).  As a result, a pinched nerve in my back has prevented any disc throwing over the last three weeks.  My body made an executive decision without discussing the issue with me.  If you have never had a pinched nerve, it sucks... hard.  I never thought getting into a car might constitute the worst part of my day on a regular basis... at least until I recall trying to get out of bed.

But things will come around.  The pinched nerve is finally recovering after three bloody weeks.  The forecast later in the week is promising.  The disc will return.  Get your minis ready!