Friday, March 31, 2006


Saturday.............. 53 with 0% chance of precip
Sunday................ 47 with 80% "
Monday............... 46 w/ showers
Tuesday-Saturday... A lot of rain

Basically, the season is delayed. Friggin' precipitation.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weathering the weather, whether we like it or not

The disc golfing tragedy that was spring break is over, and we are back in the Cities. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with the sort of gift that reminds you that God still wants you to have fun. When I left the Cities, I was happily leaving behind two feet of snow for what I thought was a snow-free zone. And for a day I was right. But as we now know, snow followed me to my parent's home, leaving the entire midwest in a blanket of snow which I disdainfully referred to as the "No Fun Zone".

However, a bright speck was on the horizon. A speck that grew larger with every passing mile that closed the gap between me and my educational abode. This speck is significant not for any material presence, but for a lack of presence. The two feet of snow that I had left behind had been reduced to a few patches (albeit large patches) formed from the clearing away of parking lots and the like. I could smile again.

Understand that this does not mean that the season is back in swing, yet. In fact, it is far from being more than barely playable conditions. Snow does not disappear as readily on disc golf courses. The canopy of trees helps to ensure this. And even if the snow were completely gone, mud would only take its place, rendering worse conditions for playing that snow. But the point of it all is that the process is underway. Snow is going away, and judging from weather reports, it will not be returning for the remainder of the season. And though mud now becomes the bain of my discing existence, the warm weather will rid us of this problem. We have a ways to go to "get back to good", but at least its in the process.

Keep Truckin',

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Break Pictures

Ahh my great drive on #2. Pretty much landed 20 ft from the hole. A total fluke considering I sliped in the Tee Box. But ain't she a beaut just resting on the top of the snow.

Digs on # 6 playing from the rough...or should I say snow pile.

This is # 4. Snow Caped and beautiful.

Spring Break Disappointment

Coming into spring break, I was very excited to get out on the home course and disc it up. The week prior to break had given two feet of snow on top of the mess of melting snow and mud that was already hindering our golf game. And arriving in Sioux City, I was greated with a beautifully snow-free surrounding. My excitement was short-lived, however, as a day or two into break, the skies opened up and delivered the precipitous diarrhea that had plagued me for the duration of the semester. Now, instead of a week free to enjoy my break with my preferred pasttime, I instead spent my time clearing my car of the aforementioned white poop, along with the entirety of my parent's driveway.

Men have been driven to alcoholism by less.

By about Wednesday or Thursday, I became incredibly frustrated. I needed to throw something... and throw it as far as I could. Thankfully, Pappy "the Mid Range King" was about as frustrated as I was.

Now, I don't recommend disc golfing when you have to clear off every tee box of about a foot of snow. Please believe me when I tell you that no amount of labor can rid the cement pad of that small section of ice that was predetermined to be there before the creation of the world in order to completely and ultimately frustrate your throw. You will slip, giving on-lookers the impression that you have the coordination of Superman (post-equestrian days) and sending your disc on an adventurous rollercoaster ride that ends anywhere but near the hole. In other words, the experience is not what I call optimal. Yet, performance difficulties aside, to simply get back on the course (and my home course at that) made me ecstatic. Pappy took a sweet pic or two that he may post at some point. We can only hope he will do so.

The moral of the story is: Don't play on snow unless doing so would prevent you from being driven to drinking.

The upside to the story is: The snow is finally clearing out and the tournaments will be starting soon.

Let the games begin!

Keep on Truckin'

Friday, March 24, 2006

It was a goody.

Well today Doug and I went out to the home course and threw the disc around. There was still about 7 inches of snow in some places. Those areas stunk a bit. The tee boxes were covered as well on most holes. But overall it was a great day to play. I'm getting real excited for this up comming season. I plan on improving alot...hopefully.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

sucky weather

Spring Break. I wanted it to be Disc Golf at least every day. Didnt happen at all. I really was looking forward to going and just being out in our home course. Maybe friday we can get out and go. I dont care. Snow or no snow. I want to disc.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Disc Golf Asthetics

Disc golf is an amazing sport, a chance to get some much needed exercise, and an aethsetic experience. Many don't understand the beautiful side of disc golf, but its there. Take a moment to simply watch your disc fly through the air and fly in for a landing; ok that's a bad example. Find someone good and watch their disc. The way the disc cruves one way and then curves back is a thing of beauty. At times, it even seems other worldy, as if we have stepped into a place far greater than that which we call earth. Even we, the not so talented, can look forward to the freak chance that we might throw the disc right, causing the disc to flow through the air instead of simply fall like a brick. -later

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring break expectations...

Alright, so I checked to see what kind of damage this storm system caused to our beloved home course. Apparently, throughout the entire week, only .27 inches fell in SC. Beats the hell out of the 14 inches that have fallen up here. Also, its supposed to break into the 50's toward the end of the week. Let us give thanks for the gracious gifts God has bestowed on us!

Keep Truckin'

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This Winter Snow Crap

This week it snowed 9 inches.
I want to play disc golf.
I don't like to play in the snow.
As I write this more is falling from the sky.
I wonder when it will all melt.

Spring Break is near.
Disc Golf will take place
Seratoma is my space.

Keeping this blog up is gonna be sweet.
To read about all our friends stories about the courses they have played on.
Yey..It will be great.

Enjoy tomarrow.

DG is coming back in a big way!

Hey ya'll, I don't know about you, but this time of year gets me giddy. Its about time for spring fevor to hit. My hormones are going nuts just thinking about it. But its a different type of spring fevor. You can have the fevor that leaves you oogling over the opposite sex. That type doesn't really affect me... I'm in that mode all year long. Besides, its so passe. Instead, the fevor that I'm referring to is Disc Golf fevor!

The weather last week warmed up enough to allow for a round or two on the disc golf course. I envy those who do not have to make a distinction between golfing and non-golfing parts of the year. But what can I say? I live in Minnesota. Anyways, I'm still shaking off the sluggishness that comes with not being able to throw for awhile. The drives aren't going far. The putts make me look like a rookie. And I have the accuracy of a 2nd grade baseball pitcher. That said, it has been great. The lack of performance is overridden by the immense satisfaction of being out on the links again.

I haven't kept score yet. I don't really need to do so to know that I wouldn't be happy with it. I figure I'd start scoring as soon as the course is not a mudpit.

The bad news... nature took a major dump on the Twin Cities area in the form of about a foot of snow, hindering the DG experience. The good news... screw the Twin Cities, spring break is in a couple days, allowing me to go home to Iowa, which God has seen fit to spare from the precipitous poo from the heavens.

Welcome to the long-awaited DG blog.