Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DG is coming back in a big way!

Hey ya'll, I don't know about you, but this time of year gets me giddy. Its about time for spring fevor to hit. My hormones are going nuts just thinking about it. But its a different type of spring fevor. You can have the fevor that leaves you oogling over the opposite sex. That type doesn't really affect me... I'm in that mode all year long. Besides, its so passe. Instead, the fevor that I'm referring to is Disc Golf fevor!

The weather last week warmed up enough to allow for a round or two on the disc golf course. I envy those who do not have to make a distinction between golfing and non-golfing parts of the year. But what can I say? I live in Minnesota. Anyways, I'm still shaking off the sluggishness that comes with not being able to throw for awhile. The drives aren't going far. The putts make me look like a rookie. And I have the accuracy of a 2nd grade baseball pitcher. That said, it has been great. The lack of performance is overridden by the immense satisfaction of being out on the links again.

I haven't kept score yet. I don't really need to do so to know that I wouldn't be happy with it. I figure I'd start scoring as soon as the course is not a mudpit.

The bad news... nature took a major dump on the Twin Cities area in the form of about a foot of snow, hindering the DG experience. The good news... screw the Twin Cities, spring break is in a couple days, allowing me to go home to Iowa, which God has seen fit to spare from the precipitous poo from the heavens.

Welcome to the long-awaited DG blog.


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