Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Summer's Desire

The Highbridge trip being kaiboshed is a let down. Don't let anyone let you think otherwise. The trip signified the whole of my disc golfing expectations this summer.

But with the aforementioned doom of the trip its time to "move along, move along like you know we do".

Therefore, I have set an alternative goal to be reached by summer's end: to increase the number of courses I have played up to 20. In talking to "The Midrange King", we decided to mull through the courses we have played. Pap ran somewhere in the low double digits and I think I landed at about 16. This makes the total number of actual new courses I need to be four, a very attainable number.

Though of course, this may not be as easy as one may suppose. With half the summer already over, I should get cracking on this new objective toot-suite. But with Highbridge out of the picture and all the other major courses in the area already under my belt, the selection begins to thin. Even the Twin Cities, a very disc golf friendly locale, will not provide what I need as I will not head back up there til summer is over.

Two (maybe three) possibilities remain:

1) Denver - I have planned a trip to Denver at the end of the summer to check on a graduate school. Hopefully this will provide at least a couple courses to add to the list.

2) South Dakota - In light of the "Highbridge Incident", an alternative journey on the SD Circuit may add one or two more, though of course, the Sioux Falls and Yankton courses are already notched.

3) (maybe) Omaha - I have been meaning to get to Omaha for some time now. I have played Seymore and Cunningham before. But hopefully there is another one around town. And plus, there is always Council Bluffs.

So there you have it. My goal, the difficulties in attaining it and my plan to overcome those difficulties. If you would like to join in the festivities, let me know.

Cause after all...
you're my wonderwall,


Friday, July 14, 2006

In Lieu of Impending Failure...

The trip is officially cancelled.

The causes are many, varied and valid. We simply could not get all four of our weekends to correspond to disc golf nirvana. Wes has scholastic and musical obligations. Obligations he cannot ignore. We are, after all, talking about the man's livelyhood. After that, only one weekend worked for him. A weekend, which chance would have it, is the one week unavailable to our dear Pappy. And poor Harcum... his entire fiscal foundation is focused upon the weekend shifts. I feel ill about not having all three of them present and will instead see if a fall trip would be a better idea. Poor Highbridge will simply have to do without the SCDGA for a little while longer.

If anything, this unfortunate delay makes a much needed trip to Omaha a greater possibility.

One of the Many; One of the Few,


Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Bad news continues

Ok so my first post was bad..but then it got better. Now its bad again. I was going on the trip to Hybridge. Then I wasnt going to be able to make it. Then I was and now I am sad to say. That this is the last decesion I am going to have to make. I WILL NOT be able to make the trip to wisconsin as it is too close to coordinating between that and going to camp. Also I had made a commitment to run sound for ISFG for the week and that friday would be the last night of it.

It sucks but I have to fulfull my responsibilities placed on me.

May your day be better than this post.

Mid Range King