Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Disc Review: Prodigy D4

Prodigy D4
First the hype...

A considerable about of buzz has been generated in expectation for the release of the Prodigy D1 and D4.  Remarkable considering Prodigy is the new kid on the block in the manufacturing realm.  So new, in fact, that prior to the release of these two discs a couple weeks ago, they had yet to have any discs on the market!

So how does a new kid become the big kid?  Be represented by all the big guns of the sport.  Similar to what Hendrick Racing did in NASCAR (my college roommate was a fan.  Couldn't help pick up some info between yelling at him to switch it back to football).  They grabbed up a murderer's row of the top arms around, including Cale Leiviska, Sarah Hokum, Paul Ulibarri, his fiancee Katrina Allen, highest rated player in the world Will Schusterick, Paige Pierce, Ricky Wysocki, and blog favorite Nikko Locastro.

And why did all these names, a veritable all-star team join an unproven company?

Why because they founded it, of course!

Visit the Prodigy website for more information. But suffice it to say that a move by some of the biggest and youngest players to become their own sponsors has raised a few curious brows... including mine.

While Team Prodigy and the entire effort is intriguing, what truly piqued my interest is their patented Easy Release Technology.  For acolytes of any hobby, new developments and approaches will always alluring.  Some have resonated (portable practice baskets, tripod chairs, true par 4/5 holes).  Some have underwhelmed (thumb-tracks, Star plastic, UFO baskets).  Would the Easy Release Tech be among the latter or would this seed find purchase.

I just happened to be showing Jiggs around our local disc store for the first time as we came across two small stacks of D1 and D4 discs on the counter.  Just released today, these were what remained of their initial stock of 100/pc, and the only reason these remained was the commitment to retain some in the storefront (they're primarily an online retailer).  They even had other stores buy their stock to have some in theirs!

I grabbed the D4 as I needed a solid understable more than another overstable.  The issue... I live in the Midwest and it be winter out here!  Fortunately, I had business trip to Orlando, and I had some free time on my hands.  Hand, meet glove.

Now, I will preface that my game is so atrophied at this point of the year, I will be of little use in describing the flight path or any such thing.  I can tell you that the D4 is indeed an understable little bugger, though have not thrown it enough to provide accurate comparison.  More's the pity considering Prodigy, with but two discs released to date, is content to describe it as "the understable one."  Alas, such disc collocation must wait for another day.

What I can speak to are some of the more tangible aspects.  The first thing you'll notice is the feel of the disc.  When you grip it for the first time, you can't help but think that your Prodigy D4 has just found its home.  As if it had been wandering, lost til the day it found your hand.  I dare say, the D4 is the dog I rescued from the shelter; gave a loving home to; and have come into an edifying symbiotic relationship with.  We are family.

So what about that Easy Release Tech?  Yup!  I dig it in all sorts of groovy ways!  It is smooth, very smooth.  I had difficulties locating my throws, but that is likely due to being several months removed from even giving a disc a flick.  I have not met it's equal in terms of release, grip, the whole package.

I am very excited to continue getting to know my D4.

I am more excited to explore the balance of the Prodigy line as the D2 and D3 become available, especially considering Paige Pierce was overly complimentary of these two offerings over the initial two releases.

If this is the first you have heard of Prodigy, I highly recommend the D4 as an understable driver, considering my vast wealth of experience with the disc.

If you were considering buying a Prodigy, but have not done so... SHAME ON YOU!  I chide you to immediately order one online.  Or better yet, push back from the computer, get off your lazy butt, and drive immediately to your local disc store and make the purchase.

Go on, I'll wait...

You may now read on.

If you count yourself an owner of a Prodigy disc, go get it now. 

Put it in your hand. 


Love that feel.


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