Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2012 Tournament Season in Review: No Bueno

With the 2012 tournament season in the books for me, I thought I would go back and touch on some of those things I hadn't had an opportunity to get to during my tourney reviews (let's be honest, they were long enough as it was).  I wish to start low and go high, so we will start with my top ten "No Bueno-s," those things I could have gone without.

10.  Thanking your sponsors - Players, I'm sure it is contractually obligated to mention sponsors following an award, but it still sounds tacky to me
9.    Lack of preparation - Some people have organizational skills; others do not.  Those of the latter should not be running a tournament.  If you do not have an idea for how CTP; distance throws; or between round course alterations will be accomplished, do not offer them
8.    Amateurs taking themselves too seriously - You know the guy who is out to win Worlds at an out-of-the-way C-tier.  Chill, turbo.  Though this could become a "Bueno" when you can catch him in a wrong rule explanation when he's been shoving them down your throat all day
7.    Lack of communication - Fine, you told us that all the pins are now in the short position.  But understand that we understand that to mean existing pin placements.  Doesn't help when you randomly invent pin locations on blind throws
6.    Incorrect posting of scores on the PDGA website - Rings especially hollow when you had just admonished players for accuracy in score reporting.  Just sayin'...
5.    Hills - Man, I hate hills
4.    Wet grass - Man, I hate wet grass
3.    Cold - Man, I hate... you get the idea
2.    Playing a course blind - This hit me on the doubles tourney MRK and I played at the Minnesota Majestic.  MRK mentioned as much on his Year in Review.  This is very much on the player.  We're the ones who decided to sign up for these things.  It would be our lack of preparation that would keep the course knowledge from us.  It isn't like they surprise us with locations.  Doesn't make it any better, though, when you have to scheme a hole on the spot without much concept of how the hole rolls.  I say avoid playing these bad boys blind

And the numero uno "No Bueno" is...

1.    Losing - I am, by nature, a fairly competitive person when in a competitive environment.  I'm usually pretty chill during your standard-issue recreation round.  But when in a tourney, its like a switch.  I feel like a different person.  Too bad this different person isn't better at disc golf, because he still loses.  I'd say the season was fairly successful for my first foray.  I generally made my entrance fees back in plastic, but nothing was a victory.  And our doubles tourney represented a dramatic low point in my discing pride.

Ugh... that's ten hunks of depressing!  We better hurry up and get to next week's focus on the bueno's.

Until then, be inspired.


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