Friday, February 22, 2013

2012 Disc Golf Season Personal Reflection Part 1

As the new disc golf season approaches or it's supposed to here in Minnesota anyway. I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on disc golf "season" of 2012. It is marked with many firsts which I will talk about in detail in the following posts: my PDGA membership, new discs, tournament participation, and a few new courses to add to my growing list.

 For the purposes of this post I will elaborate on my PDGA membership as well as the tournament highlights. So as the story goes, Diggs and myself decided we were going to play in a few tournaments and well those of you who play tournaments know that if you are not a PDGA member the cost is usually ten bucks more than if you were a member.

So the logic was to sign up and officially become full members.  So in early April I took the plunge and signed up and received my official membership which includes a lifetime id number. So as far as the Pro Disc Golf Association is concerned I an nothing more than member # 52117.

The perks that come with the membership include the following: An official PDGA membership disc (black Discraft Stalker), a mini with your number on it, subscription to Disc Golfer Magazine, a few stickers if I remember right, and a few various other perks like discounts at Microtel and other chains retailers related to the pro disc golf circuit. In addition to the swag after each tournament you are given a rating which is based on your performance at the tournament.

So here is my tournament list for 2012: 2 official tournaments and 1 doubles tournament

I began my tournament season by playing in the Doane College Classic. which in itself was a great learning experience. I do not recommend playing in a tournament if you really don't know the course. I was happening to come into this tournament completely blind. Diggs and I arrived the day before to scope out the course but really didn't force the Gail force winds that blessed the open holes and never mind the numerous of skeleton trees that would make Sherwood Forest blush. You can read my complete recap of the tourney here.  Final place...22nd. Only way to go is up.

My Second and last official tournament was the Acorn Open in Roseville, MN. Compared to my last tournament I was more than prepared for this one. I have played Acorn Park for the better part of my disc golf career. I know the lines and I know what to expect from the weather and the disc golf community. Overall, I felt that I had improved from tournament to tournament. I finished my second round better than the first and overall was tied for 13th place. You can take a look at Diggs's perspective of the tourney here.

Finally my last organized disc golf event was the doubles event at the Minnesota Majestic. I was able to play one round with Diggs. Lets just say that it was a learning experience.  We had  never officially played a doubles round together. I learned a few things that day. Our games are very similar meaning we both can drive well and putt about the same. So we were at a disadvantage in some cases. Other partners have one good driver and one who can sink putts and get them out of trouble. Needless to say we didn't win the tourney but I would say we had fun trying.

Look for part two of my 2012 Season Recap as we look forward to the first major disc golf tournament of the season at the 2013 Memorial Championships near Fountain Hills, Arizona

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