Monday, April 25, 2011


Just a heads up for anyone interested...

On the frontpage, they have posted some coverage of the 2011 RE/Max Atlanta Open. The course looks absolutely amazing! With the SCDGA finally fulfilling a long-held dream of discing Highbridge, it may be time to set our sights on another goal, and this one would definitly be in the running. But you better bring a big arm! Credit to the King for finding the video. You can link over to the website on the "links" portion on the left sidebar. Enjoy!


*Update: The video is no longer on the front page, though they have replaced it with another video of David Wiggins Jr. owning Amateur Championships. Dude is 15. Ridiculous.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Return to the Familiar... & the Cold

Family business had me in the Cities this last weekend. Unfortunate business of the short notice variety. Sunday afternoon, however, allowed some time to reconnect with Twin Cities discing, a sorely missed commodity. I was able to meet up with the MRK (and a special thanks to Mrs. MRK for allowing such a short notice excursion!) at Bassett Creek in Crystal.

While not the most difficult of courses, I will say that it is adequate, especially for this point in the year. And by this point in the year, I mean that we were playing two days after a 4" downfall of snow. It was fairly cold. Bummer to live in Minny, I guess!

Anyway, MRK displayed his usual command of the mid-range game. I provided my customary erratic drives, complete with an insufferable short game (another post for another time). MRK counted himself the victor at Bassett Creek yet one more time. But truth be told, it was absolutely wonderful to get out with the King. As he mentioned in his previous post, there's just something about playing with someone who will push you that will truly bring development, and with it, a sense of satisfaction. I have disced with all of you on several occassions. We've shared aces; we've shared lost plastic; we've cold lamped together. I greatly miss playing with my Minny brethren. In Sunday's round, I found a small amount of resolution in my discing soul.

I can't wait to play with you all at Highbridge this summer. 'Til then, work those hyzers, add a shot or two to the bag, and for goodness sakes! Practice your putting! I'll catch ya'll on the flip side!


Friday, April 15, 2011

For the Love of the Creek...and the thrill of the fade.

This last week I had the opportunity to play a course that I really don’t give enough credit for being a good course to practice on, Crystal, Minnesota’s very own Bassett Creek Park. I tended to avoid this park because it only offered 12 holes to play and while in college we simply wouldn’t want to drive all the way to Crystal only to play 12 holes. Nowadays it’s really not that big of deal since I live relatively closer to the course.

Bassett Creek Park offers a variety of different holes in which to practice all types of shots. I really like the mix of open holes with the occasional shot that causes a person to wonder why they even play this crazy game. It makes you really plan out your shots and where you need to place your discs on the course. I also like this course because it a fairly quiet park and allows for a steady pace to play your round.

Ok, to the point of my post: I was planning on doing my usual routine that I follow when I play by myself. Throw the i-pod play list (maybe a post on the play list later) on and play like I’m in a tournament. However, today (Tuesday) was different. I actually was invited to play a round with a guy named Chris who was a great partner to play with. I would say that he had more refined skills than I but they weren’t so advanced that I felt out of my league.

I hear on sportscenter all the time that teams will usually play up to the potential of the team they are playing. Well I did that when I played with Chris. Originally he wanted to challenge me for a bag tag but since I didn’t have one he just asked to play with him. I definitely stepped up to the plate and made some great shots. My drives were consistent and in great spots on the fairway. Great second shots and results were close par putts. My putting was still shaky but luckily I didn’t need to use it much since I am the MRK after all. One bright spotlight that I’d love to share with everyone is that on hole eight I had about a 70 foot approach shot with a slight wind at my back. I decided to just go for the chains and see what happens. Well it paid off. I threw my aviar with a slight hyzer and let the wind do the rest. “Chained out?” Is that the proper term? I know they say “holed out” in ball golf. Oh well. the disc hit the chains and didn’t come out of the basket. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Ordinarily I would have probably jumped and hollered but I kept it professional (for the kids). Just a classy Tiger Woods fist pump instead.

Small triumphs bring great rewards. I ended the round back on earth carding a fricken 6 on hole 11. I strongly dislike that hole. But overall, it was great to play a round with a partner and the unofficial competition and competitive nature to be unleashed. Chris was a great partner we talked about the disc’s we liked to use and compared notes on the shots we were taking. So Chris I know you won’t read this but Good Luck at The Valley Open this weekend and the Doubles tourney as well.

For the rest of us: Play well, have fun, and when in doubt. Just go for the might get lucky.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Surprising Days

Ever have those rounds that just come out of nowhere? The type of round that reminds you of why you enjoy the game, erasing memory of all those throws that make you wish you played another sport. I had one of those this Tuesday.

It really was shaping up to be a bit of a downer. My usual partner had just informed me that he wouldn't be able to join me at our standing Tuesday tee time. Still at home, I milled around for awhile until I decided that while it was too late for a full round, I could at least get in some putt practice or some driving. I was even going to stop by the local field to throw since it was the first windless day in recent memory. Instead, kids were still playing baseball, denying me access to the field. Bummer. I continued on towards the course where I find the conditions perfect... except all the other people who thought the same thing. Even the practice putting area was full. Literally, a dozen people! Double bummer.

Well, I had come all the way out there, I might as well play a few holes. Approaching the first tee, I see that it was indeed late in starting a round. So late that while the course was absolutely packed, only one group stood ahead of me. As I waited for them to clear out, another group came up to the waiting area. Figuring I might as well not play alone, I asked to join them. I figured that since one of them had a Hawkeyes shirt on, I was probably in good company.

One thing I really enjoy about our sport is its capacity to allow you to meet new and interesting people (someday I'll have to tell you about Ron... but he wouldn't like that). These guys were decent. They were on their second round of the day, and at least one was on his second six-pack. Coming over from Council Bluffs, they were going to make the most of their time in Omaha. They played well. But it was just fun to be in their company. I enjoyed my round quite a bit.

It also didn't hurt that I put together my first decent round of the year. Though I wasn't converting my birdie shots, I was the epitome of consistency. I forget who it was, but there was a fullback about whom it was said, "If you needed two yards, he'd get you three; If you needed four yards, he'd get you three." That was my day. I had good drives, good approaches, and I didn't even really need to putt all that much. Aside from one brick on my birdie try at hole 6, all my other putts were misses from outside the 10m mark and generally on line. In all, while I still haven't been able to convert my birdies, I made par on everything. Not spectacular, but when you're still shaking off the cobwebs and adjusting your throw, I was very satisfied that throws were going where I wanted them to go. Oh sweet bliss!

All in all, I had a great day on the course! I hope ya'lls seasons are going well. I hope to see you soon. Keep on rockin' in a free world.


postscript. I was able to get a slice of Cunningham Lake DGC, and I shall have a review up at some point.

second postscript. I also haven't forgotten about the tourney schedule, but that'll have to wait at least a week. Sorry. If you see something in Iowa (Des Moines area) you could make, let me know. Maybe we could hit it up together!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Change in Programming

If you've visited the blog recently, you'll have noticed a change of scenery. I've been messing with the layout a little bit. Let me know what you think of the new look and what else you'd like to see around here.

Interesting note... I hadn't checked around the admin features in awhile, but I happened by our stats page, and noted that while we don't really write for anyone other than ourselves, we are apparently not the only ones reading. We have had viewers from Canada, Great Britain, China, Japan, Russia, and several other countries. Why they would want to visit our blog I will never know. But we're global, baby!

On another note, tournament schedules have been released, and I'd be interested in hearing if you all are looking at for the summer. I will release the tourney schedule for my area soon. Let me know if any of you would be interested in joining me for one!

Friday, April 01, 2011

First Round of the Season In

Verdict... I suck!

As always, the first round is always the "show how far you've fallen" round, so this was to be expected. Add to that the seasonal winds, and oh boy!

Couple items of note:

1) I went with a friend of mine who lives down here in Omaha. He is going with us on the disc weekend, and I have invited him to be a contributor to our humble blog. Figured some fresh juice could do a body good.

2) Tried the new putt for the first time today. It was hitting during practice but fell apart on the course. I'm a bit interested to see where this will go. New drive hasn't been sighted in just yet, but we'll get there.

3) We were thrown into twice by the same group. We had some words. They didn't do it again. Yes, I am your resident BAMF!

4) The wind was so bad I straight burned my Groove without meaning to. This is too early in the season for me to be able to put that much on it just yet. I credit the wind.

5) I hear the Twin Cities is having some river cresting issues. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious.

All I have for now. Until next time, listen for the chains...


Ok, that tagline was HORRIBLE!