Friday, April 01, 2011

First Round of the Season In

Verdict... I suck!

As always, the first round is always the "show how far you've fallen" round, so this was to be expected. Add to that the seasonal winds, and oh boy!

Couple items of note:

1) I went with a friend of mine who lives down here in Omaha. He is going with us on the disc weekend, and I have invited him to be a contributor to our humble blog. Figured some fresh juice could do a body good.

2) Tried the new putt for the first time today. It was hitting during practice but fell apart on the course. I'm a bit interested to see where this will go. New drive hasn't been sighted in just yet, but we'll get there.

3) We were thrown into twice by the same group. We had some words. They didn't do it again. Yes, I am your resident BAMF!

4) The wind was so bad I straight burned my Groove without meaning to. This is too early in the season for me to be able to put that much on it just yet. I credit the wind.

5) I hear the Twin Cities is having some river cresting issues. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious.

All I have for now. Until next time, listen for the chains...


Ok, that tagline was HORRIBLE!

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Mid Range King said...

Don't you just love the fact that at this time of the year you can't throw some of your discs cause the arm strength isn't there. I took out my groove, nuke, star wraith, destroyer, and roc (cause it's white and we still got snow). I've played only 8 holes a round so far. I'm sure if I tried 18 my game would collapse as well. But it's all about technique and fun.