Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Return to the Familiar... & the Cold

Family business had me in the Cities this last weekend. Unfortunate business of the short notice variety. Sunday afternoon, however, allowed some time to reconnect with Twin Cities discing, a sorely missed commodity. I was able to meet up with the MRK (and a special thanks to Mrs. MRK for allowing such a short notice excursion!) at Bassett Creek in Crystal.

While not the most difficult of courses, I will say that it is adequate, especially for this point in the year. And by this point in the year, I mean that we were playing two days after a 4" downfall of snow. It was fairly cold. Bummer to live in Minny, I guess!

Anyway, MRK displayed his usual command of the mid-range game. I provided my customary erratic drives, complete with an insufferable short game (another post for another time). MRK counted himself the victor at Bassett Creek yet one more time. But truth be told, it was absolutely wonderful to get out with the King. As he mentioned in his previous post, there's just something about playing with someone who will push you that will truly bring development, and with it, a sense of satisfaction. I have disced with all of you on several occassions. We've shared aces; we've shared lost plastic; we've cold lamped together. I greatly miss playing with my Minny brethren. In Sunday's round, I found a small amount of resolution in my discing soul.

I can't wait to play with you all at Highbridge this summer. 'Til then, work those hyzers, add a shot or two to the bag, and for goodness sakes! Practice your putting! I'll catch ya'll on the flip side!


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