Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weathering the weather, whether we like it or not

The disc golfing tragedy that was spring break is over, and we are back in the Cities. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with the sort of gift that reminds you that God still wants you to have fun. When I left the Cities, I was happily leaving behind two feet of snow for what I thought was a snow-free zone. And for a day I was right. But as we now know, snow followed me to my parent's home, leaving the entire midwest in a blanket of snow which I disdainfully referred to as the "No Fun Zone".

However, a bright speck was on the horizon. A speck that grew larger with every passing mile that closed the gap between me and my educational abode. This speck is significant not for any material presence, but for a lack of presence. The two feet of snow that I had left behind had been reduced to a few patches (albeit large patches) formed from the clearing away of parking lots and the like. I could smile again.

Understand that this does not mean that the season is back in swing, yet. In fact, it is far from being more than barely playable conditions. Snow does not disappear as readily on disc golf courses. The canopy of trees helps to ensure this. And even if the snow were completely gone, mud would only take its place, rendering worse conditions for playing that snow. But the point of it all is that the process is underway. Snow is going away, and judging from weather reports, it will not be returning for the remainder of the season. And though mud now becomes the bain of my discing existence, the warm weather will rid us of this problem. We have a ways to go to "get back to good", but at least its in the process.

Keep Truckin',

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