Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Worst. Day. Ever.

The weather finally seems to be getting better.  My back is still bothering me, but we'll play through it.  Little option, really.  When the disc bug gets in ya, you just have to get it out!

This effectively is the beginning of a lot of our seasons.  If your first rounds are much like mine, you will be reminded of how poorly you really do play this game.  Understandable.  You have to re-learn every disc.  Every throw.  Every angle and strategy and hole habits.  Those throws you were making in the fall just aren't flowing in the spring.  You know it will get better with time... just sucks now.

Got me to thinking.

What was the worst day/experience you have had in disc golf?  Figured I'd let this one marinate a bit before I offer mine.  Give you all a chance to give yours.

As you rehash those memories you thought you had left behind, be entertained by someone else s worst time.  Enjoy.


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Mid Range King said...

I'll try to be short on this reflection. My worst disc golf moment has to be the 2nd time I ever played Blue Ribbon Pines. It was with Urbwes and Diggs, I believe I ended up losing 3 discs that day. Including but not limited to: A Star Beast, Champion Road Runner and one other disc that eludes me. Sadly I played pretty bad as well. The course handled me that day. So thankful my course management is better now.