Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top 10 Innova Discs 2011 ~ A Response from Diggs

Before I get going here, a few notes. First of all, the trip to Highbridge was AWESOME!, if not a bit rainy. More on this later. Much later. When I finally recover from the awesome-ness coma.

Second, we here at Cold Lampin' would like to extend our welcome to long-time friend and new-time blogger, Harky. Harky hails from the state of Wisconsin and may be able to offer us some fresh insight from a discing mind not influenced by Minnesota discing (fun side note: the first time I disced with Harky was down here in Omaha, my first rounds down here).

Now on with the show...

A recap of Harky's selection includes four distance drivers, three mid-ranges, a couple putters, and a fairway driver. A nice mix of discs with some variations on new and older discs. Solid selection, though I seem to differ on a number of these.

By way of confession, I've not thrown the TL, Boss, Rhyno or Skeeter much (fewer than 20 times each), and I've yet to throw the Vulcan at all, making my analysis tainted. Yet, all such lists necessarily are. Yet, I think my top 10 may still prove valid and (hopefully) useful. What I am including that Harky did not was a preferred plastic-type for each of my ten, obviously influenced by my own preferences.

And here we go in no particular order...

10. KC Aviar X (putter) - a softer gummier version of the classic Aviar, it sticks in chains well and feels comfortable in the hands. Has a tendency to get a bit too floppy in very warm weather. This is the only putter on my list as (aside from just the classic Aviar, Innova's putters hold little sway with me).

9. Champ Spider (mid-range) - Very dependable with good distance for a mid-range. Even doubled as my putter for a time.

8. DX Wolf (mid-range) - More of a sentimental pick really, but my beaten-in Wolf is by far my go-to disc for slow, sharp, short Anhyzers

7. Champ Teebird (fairway) - Until the DC Stalker came out, this was my favorite steady-eddie type disc. Clean and predictable lines and easy fade.

6. Champ Sidewinder (distance) - Not a big fan of many of the other understables under a 10-speed, I can be sure to pull a big turn, while not auto-burning like the Roadrunner.

5. DX Wraith (distance) - Fast and prone to turning over, but without the instability of the Beast. I throw this one far.

4. Star Destroyer (distance) - Just plain fun to throw. She's fast.

3. DX Roc (mid-range) - It's the classic. A bag shouldn't be without one.

2. DX Dragon (distance-ish) - It's a floater and only comes in 150 class. It's nice for those huge flip-turnover shots (and water throws that have a high pucker factor).

1. DX Valkyrie (distance) - Can't leave the world's distance record holder off, can you?

Great idea, Harky. Feel free to respond as you will. I'd be interested to hear other contributor's thoughts, as well. Though, may I suggest that we narrow the field to top 5? Ten just leaves so much room!

Until later, keep that lamp cold. Meet you back at the chains...


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