Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top 5 Innova Disc's perscribed by the Mid Range King

In keeping with the recient blog posts, I'm following suit with my own list of Innova's Top 5, count'em Five of my favorite discs.  I would also like to extend a warm Cold Lampin welcome to some of our newest contributers, JVR and Harky. This blog started as a place to just rattle off random thoughts about disc golf about five years ago.  Who  would have thought that we'd still be keeping up with it let alone adding new contributers to the mix. I'm so excited to see where this blog will go in the future. Glad you all are along for the ride.

Response to Harky's previous post:
Of those you recomended, I've thrown the Boss, KC Aviar, Beast, Valkyrie, and the Roc. So I can speak to those discs. The Vulcan is too new for me, TL: well I got a Teebird & DC Stalker so a TL is no use at the moment, Skeeter: no experience but I have talked to two different Wes' about their Skeeters and they both agree that the disc is absolutely terrible. (Urbwes feel free to discredit my opinion, if I misspoke) I would not recomend that disc. Stingrays & Rhynos, I haven't any experience with those discs so I'll leave them alone.  Thanks again for the thoughts and post, it's generated lots of thought and posts.

On to the List of my picks for Innova's Top 5 Discs:    In no perticular order....

5) Champ Spider (Mid Range) This disc (origionally the DX version) has a special place in my heart because it's the disc I cut my teeth on and subsequiently created the handle MidRangeKing from. Great disc for long hyzer shots.

4) Pro Starfire (Distance Driver) This disc also had special powers for me in the sence that it did the exact opposite of what it was ment to do. Originally it is supposed to be a relatively straight disc with some fade towards the end. However, this disc for me became my huge anhyzer disc and never seemed to burn back left. Curse the retched giant bush on hole 7  at Acorn Park that took this disc from me.

  3) Champ Valkyrie (Distance Driver) One of the most consistant discs on the market. Get's me huge distance, with relatively little power. I have never played a round without one.

2) Star Wraith (Distance Driver) Some guy wrote "Ballin is a Habit" on this disc. I had grown quite fond of this disc. Huge distance, with predictable fade. However, you need a power arm to throw the Star plastic. Sadly this disc is no longer with us. Probably floating down the Missouri...Diggs or JVR if you see it in Omaha Pick it up for me.

1) DX Aviar (Putter) I haven't had too many different putters over my disc golf career (I can offically call it a career b/c I got two tournaments under my But the DX Aviar has been a consistant part of my game. It's a predictable straight shooter with consistant fade. Once you break the disc in it becomes more understable which has caused me to expand my horizons to other putters.  But a classy edition to any bag nontheless.

Other notable discs that didn't make the list....but should be included.

* DX Dragon (Distance Driver) Floats on water nuff said.
*Champ Roadrunner (Distance Driver) Huge S Curve.
*Champ Teebird (Fairway Driver) Consistant slow fade.

I could add a few more...but if I were to play a round consisting of only Innova Discs these are the disc's I'd bring to battle.  As always free to comment with agreements or disagreements.

Until my Highbridge Post...Find some Dry grass and go practice.


Harky said...

The 'Skeeter' is simply put the closest thing I have found from Innova that compares to the throw I can get out of a Comet from Discraft. I absolutly love the Comet. I must confess the only mid ranges that I have thorough knowledge of from Innova are the ever popular and time proven Roc, and the classic Wolf. In these I would place much faith. But I am yet to find a disc that flies straighter and more sure for a mid range than the Comet. More to come on Discraft, later though. Glad to evoke some comments. It is always so interesting to see what people think about certain discs.

Keep throwing.

Diggs said...

Ballin' IS a habit!

I half expected to see your puma up there as your nostalgic choice...