Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Got Game

Well, the results from May's poll is in. When asked what part of their game they thought was the most solid, participants (all four) were split. We had 2 votes for mid-range shots, while we had one vote for driving accuracy and cold lamping respectively.

With no votes cast for distance driving or putting, our poor, intrepid group seems to miss out on either side of the "drive for show; putt for dough" adage. Not only can we not drive far, we cannot close holes well. I suppose it is good then that our approach games are solid. And if the work on the course does not work out, we can always cold lamp with the best of them! I would call this fairly accurate, though, from what I know of our members' games.

On to the next poll!

This month, in preparation for the Bachelor Weekend of the Century, we will explore which course we look forward to the most at Highbridge Hills Sports Complex. While Gold may have an inside track, don't count out the night course.

This month should have some solid posts coming, including the King and I's Memorial Day trip to the new South Sioux City course (surprising stuff, let me tell you) as well as eventual recaps from the Bachelor Weekend trip. Stay tuned, ya'll!

Meet you back at the tee...


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