Monday, August 20, 2012

Ace Race 2012 Postview?? -- MRK Edition

The weekend is quickly coming to a close...figured I'd type out a recap of my 2012 Ace Race experience. There's a reason why Discraft states that this is the most fun tournament of the year it's because there's nothing like really trying hard to hit an ace and then doing it.  I had a blast out at the 1st Annual Robbin's Island DGC sponsored by Discraft and put on by the Great Willmar Area Disc Golf Association.  It's supposed to be a fun tournament full of whoops!!! Hollas!! and screams of METAL!!!!!! and ACE!!!!!

As mentioned earlier I was interested in this event for the discs...they in my initial opinion did not disappoint. The disc has the feel of a mid range disc but the length of a driver. Probably why the classify it as a "long range driver" I like the statement longer than a buzz but slower than a stalker. I took the mindset when throwing to throw it like I would throw my stalker. When you give this disc some gas it flies straight as an arrow.  The less speed you get the more hyzer occurs. I didn't really get it to S much...but the hole distances were 125-250 mostly at this course. I'm thinking if a person really could air one out it may S a bit...but think holds its line.  Next question for me is....Will it find a spot in my bag...the jury is still out on it.

Back to the Action at the Ace Race.  I took a little different approach this year when playing. I was strictly going to have fun and talk to as many people as I could since this area of MN is going to be my "home" course for the next few years. I figured I should get out and meet the locals and it starts with a fellow I met immediately after getting out of the car. My buddy Derek from Springfield. We exchange names and where we are from and if we've played an ace race. He is a fan of last years disc :(  but nonetheless a great first person to meet.

I get up the hill to check in and see lots of people already out on the course trying to get a feel for the plastic. I check in and grab my Swag which included a stainless steel discraft water bottle, discraft sticker, sunglasses, and ace race mini and of course the stars of the show the two discs. I chose a 174 and 176 b/c the 160s were all gone so yey for the heavy throwers.

By Ten AM the Whoooop!! Start sounds and my group is off and running we were a group of 5 which happened to include Derek from Springfield and a few other great people including the eventual Ace Race Winner after a playoff.

Now I know what you are all thinking....Get to the point MRK this post is long enough already. Ok here it is. Scoring for this event is only M for Metal and A for Ace. If I could have put down C for Close, I would have won for sure. I mean I was feeling "it," Dialed in and wanting chains.  Of the 36 shots I threw during the event and my 5-some will back me up. I came close to metal-ing at least 12 times.  I even had two shots that went right in between two poles of baskets. (there were  three holes with multiple pins placed right next to each other [(we are talking missing by less than inches)]  Everyone in my group felt sorry for me because I was running it so close but nothing was coming out of it. That was until Round 2, hole 13, an uphill shot probably 125ft away. I step up and throw what I thought was a shot that was gonna be about 5 feet short of the pin. Then I get what we call in the business a little PDGA member love where the disc takes a magical roll right up under the basket and kisses the metal and BAM!! I was on the board.  Not a shut out this year.

In my group we had four members metal at some point some multiple times, during our rounds and two aces that fell out of the basket.  We also had one member ace and he ended up winning.  The entire ace race as a whole needed a score of 1 ace and two metals to make it to a playoff and two people fit that bill.  The playoff ended quickly when one guy hit metal first on the hole and that sealed the deal.

We capped the event off with the awards ceremony and the customary Ace Race Group picture.

After the event I had a chance to meet a few more people who play in the summer league on Wednesday nights and they were great to talk to and connect with...big things are happening as far as new courses in the area is concerned. I met one of the people responsible with bringing courses to Granite Falls (where I live) and Montevideo (10 min away) as well as Atwater, MN, and Springfield, MN too. The Granite course should be in before the snow flies (what a great MN phrase, shut up you southern people) Monte goes in next week....which means the Willmar league wants to expand to the area courses next year...but that's another post.

That's my 2012 Ace Race experience...who knows if the circumstances are right...I might have another one in me yet.

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