Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It Feels Good To Be Home!

Like the title says..."It Feels Good To Be Home!"
Yesterday, Diggs and myself along with my significant other made our way down 694 to our local disc golf course called ser----I mean Acorn. The course was practically dead except for a few locals who seemed to be racing through each hole. We enjoyed a casual game of disc. The rounds were pretty much normal except for a few exciting happenings.
1. My girlfriend Joslyn played her best disc golf round ever. I really taught her well. Just look at that form. mmhmm.
2. I had some of my best drives ever. My distance was huge and accuracy was top-notch.
3. But like every good golfer one part of their game always balances out the outstanding part. My putting fell apart like lincoln logs in a tornado.

I cannot complain one bit though. I loved my round...loved being with Digs and Jos...and cannot wait to play another round on my new home course.

As Always...

Listen for the Chains..

Mid Range King

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Diggs said...

That bottom picture is hot... like I have no muscle control in my right arm.