Sunday, September 17, 2006

Seymore of Seymore Smith

Hello friends~
Last week, on Wednesday, I had to go to Omaha for a luncheon, and while I was down yonder in the south country I decided I had to sample the disc golf menu. I didn't know if the Links course had water hazards or not (which I am trying to avoid for as long as possible), so I chose Seymore Smith Park. I invited our friend Wade to join me, and he penciled me into his ever-busying schedule. I got there before him, and this dude Brandon showed me around, giving me a rundown of the course, which was absolutely necessary considering their twisted desire to insert multiple pads for added difficulty to each hole (see picture above...there are four different courses for each hole, making it nearly impossible for someone unfamiliar with the course to find their way. Thanks Brandon, we would have been as Lost as Merry if weren't for you. Anyway, the course was great...18 holes...par threes, fours, and fives...lots of trees with overhanging was a lot like Prentis Park in Vermillion, only bigger with longer and more difficult holes. Hole three's teebox points directly into a creek lined with brush and trees, and the only way is up over the trees...if you don't make it, you land in the cavernous depths of pit Seymore, as a couple of the pictures of Wade above demonstrate (I think he still made par which is sweet). I personally had a great round, using mostly forehand shots throughout the course. My drives using forehand shots have been flying farther than most of my backhand game has been improving quite a bit as of late. Enjoy the pics, and I will post my pics of Saturday's disc golfing experience tonight or tomorrow.

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