Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Return of the Acorn

Well, the return to the Cities has reawakened my appreciation for quality course play. No offense to the courses I played this summer nor those who prefer them, but I felt my continued exposure to them did little to improve my game and may have even hampered my affinity for the sport in general.

To be fair, I will admit my first round back in the fray did little to assuage my frustration. With Pappy unable to attend, Wes and I set out to reclaim Acorn Park as our own. Instead it owned us. Wes shanked his free but not so free duplicate Beast into the water hazard on #1. My start was not much more illustrious as I bogeyed 1 and doubled 2. 3 and 4 were a little more satisfactory and I even gained some hope as I parked my drive on 6.

But around this time the rains that had only temporarily abated resurged with a new vigor. Yet our firm resolve carried us on... on, that is until hole 9 when some spacial quirk in the universe gobbled my favorite disk. And this is not simply a case of mistaken placement, laziness in searching nor obstructed sightline to where it landed. We saw where it went, yet nowhere within the accepted laws of physics was my disc. In fact, I am a bit peaved at the scientific community for not coming up with a set of physical laws which can account for my poor orphaned disc.

So, with the rain only adding to the mockery, we drove 17 and called it a day.

The next day proved more successful... for me at least. This time, Wes was calling in sick and Pappy filling out the card. I didn't start off very well going +2 right quick, but throughout the round, was able to stablize and maintain a good performance, finishing the day at +5. Its not that I played particularly well. But Lady Luck showed up to give me the good kicks in most of my faulty throws. Its as if Karma had realized what a jerk she had been the day before and decided to even the keel.

Pappy (Oh my poor Pappy), was not quite as fortunate. He just couldn't catch a break and his game suffered accordingly. Don't worry, Pap. It was just a crap-tastic day.

Dance by yourself and think of me when you do,


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mjbombadil said...


Good to hear you're enjoying your courses up there...enjoy your rounds and keep the posts coming...what disc did you lose? Was it your Champ Beast? I couldn't remember which one was your favorite.