Thursday, September 14, 2006

PR does not only stand for "Public Relations"

Let me tell you why I am awesome...

Ok, so a combination of factors has really affected my return to Minnesota DG. One of them is the weather. God has sent down the atmospheric urine every bloody weekend I have been back up here. Classes seem to take up a majority of the other time, and I recently got a job that should prove to eat up a little more time. To boot, I have been sick since Thursday of last week. I have just presently began to feel the abatement of such, but still continues to hold on. Man, I wish I had an immune system that would do its stinking job! Stupid white blood cells need to make like Tonto and "jump on it!"

In short, these are the reasons that I have for playing poorly. Either by directly affecting me physically or by keeping me off the course, preventing me from improvement.

But the thing is... I haven't been playing poorly at all. The firstround back was a bit of a stretch-out-get-loose round in which Wes and I decided not to keep track of even before the round began. Good thing too. I believe I've already discussed my displeasure with that round in a previous post.

And if I remember correctly, the next round was also not scored, this time my partner being Pappy. Although, we really did not play terribly. I think we may have been at our previous average or just above it. Not bad after being forced into (essentially) a 3 month hiatus from the sport.

But its the last two rounds I'd like to focus on for a moment. I have been out twice this week. I did not really expect to perform well being sick, but I appreciated the break. But something happened that never happens, something that very rarely happens, and something that has only happened in limited spurts, often not lasting an entire round.

Firstly, my spurt-y putting has actually been on. I just seem to have the confidence in it now that has allowed me to settle down and actually make shots I need to make.

Secondly, the very rare occurence is that I have been driving well in conjunction with my spurty putting. Both Pappy and I have put quite a bit more distance on our drives recently. However, unlike Pappy, I've gotten lucky in some good kicks and bounces that has made a big difference in my second shots that have set me up well for birdie attempts. Poor Pap has had to suffer through some just crap luck affecting what would otherwise be beautiful drives. I'd like to say that my approaches have been on as well, but lets be honest. I never could approach to save my life. Not true. I was a surgeon back in the day with my wolf. Unfortunately, the wolf had to hit the retirement home and the disc doesn't suit my throwing style anymore.

Finally, the one thing that is happening that NEVER has happened before is that I am being consistent. Inconsistency has really been a plague on my whole existence. I have a natural inability to keep at a steady pace at anything. But that seems to have ceased, if only for a moment to allow me this slight streak where I can perform well.

The result is that I have posted two of my best scores ever within one week. The first round was a PR, even though I completely fell apart on hole 18 and doubled (Hey, the consistency thing isn't perfect). This last round of mine I missed an easy putt and an easy approach and still ended up shaving two strokes off of the PR I had tied just two days earlier.

All this to say... I am happy playing disc golf again!

Now we're cooking with gas!



mjbombadil said...

Congrats on the PR buddy!!! Way to go feels great having a good round...keep it loose, keep it tight. May the s be with you.

Holli said... blog? Rock!