Monday, September 18, 2006

A Day at Roy Lake

Hey disc dudes~
Here are some pics from my round on Saturday up in the wilderness of Northern South Dakota. I went up to Sisseton for my wife's grandma's 80th birthday party and researched to see if there were any courses close so that I could get a round in and experience a different setting for this beautiful game. The course was right near Roy Lake, and it was a wonderful backdrop for a great round on a beautiful course. Well maintained, well was great! We played two rounds, one to get the lay of the land and I kept score the second time through. I had maybe my best round ever, six under and loving every minute of it. Even better, my wife's uncle and father came with me and loved playing the course. It was a great round on a great course and I would love to go back.



Holli said...

You have a blog?

Diggs said...

... yup.