Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Attention my fellow disc golfing friends:

These pics are out of order, but I was wondering if you guys would take a look at my form and give me any pointers you can. I think I've improved dramatically over the last few weeks. My drives have increased to around 250-275 feet pretty consistently (You guys probably throw 350?), and I want to get some more distance on my drives. I've been throwing my weight forward, increasing my goofiness in stance at the end of my throws, increasing my distance and I've regained control after the dramatic form changes I've made in the last couple weeks. Please tell me what you think. Thanks and happy discing!


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Diggs said...

Well you certainly have the goofiness down (my personal fav is pic #2!). But I like the form you have on the first pic, but it seems on the others that you're still looking too much at where you're throwing. Try looking back a bit more. And wow, if you're throwing 250-275 consistantly, you're doing very well. Saying we drive 350 is very generous.

p.s. I lost my star plastic TL. It was a big bummer