Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bethel Course

I'm finally getting a real look at the new Bethel course. Monday I played with Pap and company, a perfectly mundane round to be sure, ending even overall. But to be clear, this was only a 9-hole round, strictly on the yellow tees. I doubt I'll ever play the red tees, but hopefully I'll be able to play the blue ones in the near future. I supposed to go with Beilby this week, so we'll see.

But as soon as I pound through the whole course, I'll be able to offer my full opinion of the course. Obviously it won't compare to Acorn, but its a fairly promising guy. Stay tuned.

Your smile is a drug,



URBWes said...

If your post is about the Bethel Course why do you have an acorn picture Diggs? Just my two cents,

Bryan said...

Hey uhh...I hear you're making a Sioux City appearence soon?