Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Keeping Up Foreign Relations

I dig Pappy's idea of seeing what's in everyone's bag. Its a way for us to get to know each other more intimately. Plus, I geek out about such things. So let me deliniate the contents of my meek and meager bag (hint: they're all pretty much Innova anymore)...


  • DX Birdie (174g): 1st putter and biggest mistake
  • DX Aviar (174g): severely understable due to use
  • Aviar-X (174g): a.k.a. the gummy putt


  • DX Wolf (172g): 1st disc ever purchased... my beloved Wolfie
  • DX Roc (177g): dig it!
  • Champ Spider (169g): my go-to middie


  • Champ Valkyrie (175g): opaque
  • Champ TeeBird (174g): opaque
  • Champ Roadrunner (168g): way too light! also opaque!
  • Star TeeRex (171g): not opaque
  • Star Wraith (175g): also not opaque
  • Champ Starfire (172g): continuing the the vein of non-opaque discs

There it is, the little collection I use to get by. Sorry I don't have some fancy picture to better illustrate my bag. Perhaps, in lieu of the coming of winter, a way to keep the hits a coming would be to offer disc evaluations. Hmm... just a suggestion.

Push the hand...


p.s. isn't it interesting that winter is quite often literary symbolism for DEATH? Just food for thought.


Holli said...

Sorry I don't have some fancy picture to better illustrate my bag.
You should be sorry!

Bryan said...

I got to see the contents of your bag once. We were golfing and you kicked your bag and all the discs fell out.