Saturday, October 07, 2006

What's In My Bag.

Well readers, its been a while since I have put some words of wisdom on this site. I just want to say my life has been crazy for the last few weeks which has hindered my game considerably. I havent been as focused as I usually am when it comes to our sport. I've tried to combat my lack of playing by staying connected with the sport as much as possible. Yes, I have been surfing the PDGA website like a vulture at acorn. I just have a desire to know as much about the sport as possible. I want to learn what it's like to be the best.

Anyway...the point of my blog. I wanted to give a preview as to what discs I carry when I am out on the course.

Let's start off with some short stuff.

In my bag I have:

DX Aviar 147 g
DX Birdie 165 g (I never use it. It's just a filler for the bag to stay "filled")

Moving up the range to the mid section I carry

DX Spider 170 g

My drivers flow like this:

DX Puma 174 g (This is the first disc I ever found when I started playing this sport)
DX Beast 174 g
DX Eagle 150 g
Pro Starfire 168 g
Champ Valkyrie 163 g
Champ Roadrunner 175 g

Of all the discs I carry in my bag. My favorite one to throw has to be my Roadrunner. The kinds of shots I tend to use this disc for are forehand shots that have to weave around a dogleg or something. They are unique shots.

Second favorite is my Aviar. I love putting. It's the most challenging part of my game. I'm not the best at it...but I'm working to improve it all the time.

And thats a look at what the Mid Range King carries with him on the course.

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Diggs said...

Ironic that the Mid Range King has but one mid range disk. I guess if you can throw one well, that's all you need.