Monday, October 16, 2006

Humble Pie

I believe I promised an account of my first complete round of the Bethel course, so here is an abbreviated version: if the round were a school, I would be the kid with the dunce cap on.

Alright, so I scheduled a time with Beilby, a resident theology prof and all-around bamf at disc (he just so happens to be the disc golf prof as well). Anyways, this guy has gone twelve down at Acorn while having two bogeys in the round. Basically, I am his humble servant. So we get out there and play the front nine, each of us playing at an acceptable level: he sitting -4 and myself at a +1. I wasn't entirely happy with the +1, but I also wasn't very familiar with the course, anyhow.

But as we begin to set up for the back nine, a friend joins. This friend is a grounds worker at Bethel and just so happens to be the brother of my roommate's girlfriend. But more notably for our discussion today, he is also the guy who placed 3rd in the Pro-Am's at Nationals. Did you get that... NATIONALS! The dude might go pro.

Anyways, we get to the back nine, which I had not played up to this point. And for the first 3 holes, I'm actually keeping pace. My drives are landing at about the same places as theirs and I'm sitting -1 for the side to their -2. But hole 4 was alongside Lake Valentine and the wind was a presence. This compelled me to make a very stupid decision, a shot selection I swore to myself I would never make... I backarmed my light Roadrunner. For those of you who know the relationship I have to my Roadrunner understand that this could only end in tears... my tears. The shot left me with nothing other than punch out and my subsequent approach was just me being pissy and throwing the stupid disc. Yay for double bogeys.

I tried to force the next drive and shanked it, causing a bogey with similar results on the next hole, putting me +4 for that set of three holes. The only redemption came when I was able to settle down and make good shot selections for the last three and came up with a near ace on 18. I ended the round with a disappointing +3 to Beilby's -9.

Interesting side story... after the round, Josh and Beilby just started ripping huge drives. To give some perspective, they started at about the pin on 18 (the island around the Sem parking lot and blasted them towards the hole on 1. Some of their drives actually ended up just shy of the dead tree within the funnel the evergreens make. In a moment of wisdom and humility, I decided not to participate in the event.

I'll give my thoughts on the course at a later time, but know that I am much more keen on the course now knowing what the designer was going for on certain holes.

Charis kai Eirene,

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