Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bonus Day in November

I am happy to report that my finals week went well. I accomplished almost everything I set out to do and performed good to quite good on my tests. The papers could have used some revising, but alas, we are given but 24 hours in a day.

...what?... that wasn't finals week?

I suppose this is true, it was not the official "finals week" but I'm not going to lie; I will have less to do on finals week than I did this week.

But despite the impending longevity the nights last night held, I had at least one comfort: the weather was going to be pretty bleeding cold, removing much of the temptation for hitting the chains. The only exception to this weather was Monday. In some quirk of nature, Monday topped out at 65* F while Tuesday only inched towards 35* F. I'm sure this has something to do with global warming, global cooling, El NiƱo ("the boy") or some other such thing because that just isn't natural!

Anyways, a day in late October in which I only needed a t-shirt indicated that I had to go disc golfing. Such things are moral imperitives. I'll let Pappy post on the particulars of the round if he wishes because of the multimedia flare he can add to his presentation. But I must be going. My Hawkeyes are getting beaten by Northwestern (the University, not the College) and I must go rend my garments.

"An Poc Ar Buile"

~ Diggs

p.s. if you're into crazy action flicks, may I suggest you go to and watch the trailer. Pure awesome.

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