Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sertoma Course Upgrade

Hey friends...
This post is for all those Sioux City cats who scorn Sertoma for her hills, trees, weeds, and all other various hazards that she bears to all those who brave her slopes. I have news...The Back Three, infamous for their tall grass, known to swallow short elephants, not to mention all manner of discs, have been dramatically altered. I would say that the parks department, or an angel, mowed about 40-50% of the total area around The Back Three. They also planted a bunch of small pine trees where they trimmed the wheat field, dramatically improving the course!!!! You all would smile to see the change...I think I nearly cried when I saw it. Pictures will follow.

As for what you would find in my bag....

1 very understable Valkerie
1 Beast (this has slowly become my favorite driver for forehand or backhand shots)
1 Pro Teebird (great all-purpose disc in my view)
1 Archangel (I rarely use this)
1 Champ Eagle (this is for mostly Tomahawk throws, and throws where I need a wicked left-turn)

1 pretty understable Champ Sidewinder (I found this one and it flies really straight)

3 Aviar Putt and Approach Discs
1 Pro Aviar Putt and Approach (This is my favorite)
1 DX Aviar (This is a great long-range putter)

That's about it...keep your stick on the ice...



Diggs said...

Mike! That sounds awesome. I'm glad they're finally taking an interest in the course. By the by, what are you up to Thanksgiving?

p.s. the correct answer is "disc golf with my buddies Doug and Pappy".

URBWes said...

You have 5 putters. Am I reading that correctly? and all aviars? Also, since when was the sidewinder a midrange? I'm just giving you a hard time Mike. I'll be in town for christmas so I hope to see you then.

Mid Range King said...

Well I might as well comment since all my other Siouxland natives did. Michael, I truly appreciate you updating us all on the Seratoma situation. I hope it's not too blistery cold over Turkey Day so that we may get together for some Disc. A sport we can all be thankful for. I'm still questioning your 5 putter idea...I dont understand it...and diggs is no help for me.....any response.....

mjbombadil said...

I've heard it suggested to practice with all of the same putters, and, for convenience sake, to get 5 putters that are identical or nearly identical so that you can get your puts consistent...Let me know when you guys are in town and the discs will fly.