Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The longest streak of my life

Well, recently I have been on what you might call a streak of disc golfing; from the second half of the last week of school through finals week 'til Monday this week I played every day (even a little driving range action a night). Through this marathon of discing, I have really imporved my game and have begun to truly enjoy playing. As my streak was drawing near a close, however, I was hit with an enemy I had never faced before: Humidity (I had to write this one Diggs).

Though our most prevalent poster chooses to igneore its power, I have found a new respect for the level of moisture in the air; it really saps your enegry. I was playing the best disc of my life and imporving every time until that summer humidity hit. Suddenly, my distance, accuracy, and overall enjoyment went down. Wherre I was begining to feel only invigorated after 18, I was again dead at the end of a round at Acorn. I'm certain, however, that, with a few weeks of getting used to the added air density, I will again be on the road to improvement.

and Diggs, its decent not descent :)

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Diggs said...

Its "ignore", not "igneore"; "energy", not "enegry"; "improving", not imporving"; "Where", not "Wherre" and I assume you meant the "a" to be an "at" when referencing your night-driving...