Saturday, May 20, 2006

After Doug's constant nagging

Well here it is.... I have decided to post again.

Today, the saturday before finals week, I decided to play a round of disc golf with my neighbor and good friend Jon. We went to acorn park and played the 18 holes in one and a half hours this morning. I am decently happy with my imporvement and have begun to really love my sidewinder. Some on my shots of note include:
1. my best drive ever on hole 4
2. my disc actually turned over on several holes but most noticeably on hole 12 where I shot over the around the trees Doug always hits due to a beautiful turn :)
3. another great turnover on 17

Jon had also shown noticeable imporovement and is already driving consistently near my shots (not that I am great at the drive)

Later today we went across the street to the baseball field and practiced driving for over a hour. Also, Jon recently bought his first dsic (horray!). He bought an Archangel which I thought might be a bad choice due to past friends' difficulties but he has really played well with it. He is already contemplating buying his next few discs and has spent some time on Its exciting to see him really enjoy this sport and I hope he continues to be excited about it (Playing today was his idea).

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Diggs said...

I resent being referred to as one who nags. However, my glee for your post more than makes up for your insults.