Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Mark of Kaposia

Well, finals week has come and gone, leaving little time to enjoy the Cities for the bountiful selection in courses before the semester came to a close. Unfortunately, this means that the King and I will become relegated to the comparitively barren discing experience that is western Iowa. URB will stick around here, hopefully keeping us abreast of the situation 'round the Cities. His recent post (along with his much improved long game) has given me renewed hope for his continued participation in the blog.

However, before going silently into that good night, the King and I took the trip to Kaposia to whet our appetite until we can hit up another descent course (and no, the LeMars municipal park course does not qualify as a descent course... that is putting practice). Kaposia is widely regarded as the premiere course of Minnesota and for good reason. Though the short tees detracted from my masochistic enjoyment of the course, the round was in the end a very positive experience.

The round was a descent representation, each of us performing solidly. But the round was boosted to the next level of nirvana by the addition of a random stranger who was going the round solo. The stranger, Mark, was a recent graduate of the U and was just enjoying the deliciousness that is DG. Mark is just one of those guys that, though not incredibly memorable for any one thing, stands out as a person you just get a good vibe from.

Fortunately for us, Mark often frequents the Acorn, increasing the likelihood of another chance encounter.

The moral of the story: I like hippies

Slap-fives all around,


Mid Range King said...

Yea, Kaposia really rocked the house..made my spider look so sweet. Umm thursday....after work....disc????

Diggs said...

... disc.