Monday, May 22, 2006

... For Our Homie Gone Up the River...

In recent developments, a mutual friend of ours has become half of a new life created this weekend through the bond of marriage. It was quite a festive event, suffering only one casualty. The grandmother of the bride biffed it down the stairs, fracturing her wrist. And though this occured seconds from the beginning of the processional, the recovery was a fluid adjustment from the previously scheduled program and the rest went off without a hitch.

Honestly, I think I was more nervous than the groom was. Not that my nervousness was due to any concern, but by virtue of the fact that it was a wedding of a very dear friend with myself serving in a formal capacity on his behalf, I had a few butterflies running around.

The only other thing I will mention in connection with the actual ceremony is that 80's porn music makes a great soundtrack to driving off with your new wife.

And so, in honor of this momentous occasion, I dedicate my next round to you, Wade.

May your new life be filled with blessings in abundance.

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Mid Range King said...

aww frick, I wish I was there.