Wednesday, May 10, 2006

...With a Head Lowered in Shame...

I have been preparing myself for what I have considered the culmination of my disc golf experiences. And like Nicholas Cage in The Weatherman, have just received a Big Gulp to the face.

I, along with the irreprovable Mid Range King himself, have long planned on participating in disc golf tournaments. And while we have not participated in a tourney every week, as the wet dream I had this fall prophesied, the one event I could bank on was the Acorn Open, one of the more prominent tourneys in the area.

That tournament is slated to take place on May 12th, rain or shine. And where will I be on this day of days but four hours away. As an RA, my staff takes a retreat once a semester. This semester, we did not get on the ball with the whole planning thing, neglecting our retreat 'til Midterms. By that time, the only weekend that could work for all of us is none other than the weekend of May 12th. The other weekends were taken up by events mandatory to myself or my fellow staff members. And since the Open is not of the necessary variety, I conceded like Al Gore in 2000... bitter that on the verge of victory, the electoral college reigns supreme.

Alas, my heart cries out! I feel like Kelly Kapowski on the Prom episode of Saved by the Bell. Though of course, there is no one to be my Zach Morris to take me to the pseudo-prom (if you don't know what I'm talking about, get in the know and watch some more Bell!).

Unfortunately, Pappy will not be able to represent the SC Boys either. Duty calls to all. Perhaps I can believe in Kantian ethics for the weekend and feel I'm doing something moral.

Oh well. More tourneys will be and I will be there.

Dance by yourself and think of me when you do,

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