Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wes "the Ironman" Myers

I'd just like to chime in here and remark on something that is actually remarkable. As some of you may know, last week was a time of misfortune for nice weather lovers (of which I consider myself a strong proponent). It rained for approximately a week straight up here. For me, this could not have happened at more of an inopportune time as I had just had a solid series of rounds that rival anything I have done on the disc golf course.

This is of little consequence, however. The only result is that my game suffers and posts on the website dwindle to a standstill for a time. The consequential bit came on Sunday when I received a call from Wes (aka URBWes from the popular website Wes, in general does not play many rounds during weekdays as his intense focus on the musical side of life prevents him from having the opportunity to do so. Therefore, he usually plays a couple rounds on the weekends with various parties.

Anyways, I get this call from Wes in which he wants to go discing. I said, "Wes, its raining." He said he didn't care. So, in the middle of this depressing rain spell, we had a brief glimmer of joy. And all this thanks to Wes. Wes, whom I usually have to call if I'm ever going to go with him. This is the remarkable something to which I refered earlier. I'm happy to see that Wes is initiating a round or even going with other people, and I think its paid off. He has developed much beyond what he was at the beginning of the season. I'm proud of you, Pobey!

On a sidenote, during the rain round, we both ditched our first drives into the pond on #1. I saved my Champ Val, however we were unable to save Wes's Cheetah nor our pride for shanking our stinking drives into the water! Curses!

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brywhitney said...

I'm sick of water. I'm going to rebel by not drinking it any more.