Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Renovations to Acorn bring positive results

I'm not sure if all of you know but last week I spent my week in lovely St. Paul at Bethel University. I was in residence there on business. I was working a sound gig for the Minnesota Girls State 2006 Session. My week was filled with lots of high school girls and lots of hours worked.

Luckily, at the end of the week there was a little time to make the trip worth while. I and my good friend Urbwes made our way to the local disc course Acorn.

I havent played since the last time i played about 2 weeks ago. So my game was a little rusty. I was happy with the way my good friend Wes is playing. My brother, He has gotten 100x better then the last time I saw him play. His newly aquired game did indeed force me to step up my game and make the shots I should be making on a consistant basis. My eventual score wasnt what I thought it should be but the technicques were being perfected. I have to say a few of my favorite shots was my birdie put from 25ft out through 2 trees on 14. I just threw it up on a whim and the beautiful S-curve came in.

More importantly for my main reason for this post is the renovations that have taken place. One new addition to the course is the new signs as shown above. They are very nice and help make the course a little more professional. Only a couple of them have been vandelized already. Which saddens me.

The next renovation is the addition of a terraced staircase on hole six. If you remember before it was a "take your life in your own hands" decline if you aren't careful.

The thrid addition to Acorn park is this foot bridge at the bottom of the hill on hole six. It is a nice addition especially because much of the year the bottom of the hill is filled with water and as a result is really muddy. This is a nice way to avoid some of the issues with mud. I'm wondering how it will react when it gets some of Minnesota's famous rain storms.

The final addition to the park is between holes 9 and 10. The decline downhill was getting really steep and eroaded away. The city added some long poles in the ground to help stop the errosion that was taking place every time it rained.

The final final addition I neglected to take a picture of was the addition of some sod at the base of hole 10 where the mud pit used to be. There is freshly laid sodd that should help to create a better environment.

Well today is going to be sweet. I'm totally looking forward to playing today with my buddies Harcum and Diggs. I feel its going to be a swell time.

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