Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sertoma the Neutered

Before I begin, let me say that I am super-pumped about the new additions to Acorn. The city takes amazing care of their parks, especially those that are disc golf friendly.

As you may have read in the King's previous post, yesterday we played what was promised to be a "swell" round out at Sertoma. What the King neglected to mention was that the aforementioned swelling was actually a malignant tumor located at the base of my cerebellum.

First of all, Harcum was not able to make it. Not a big deal except for that I didn't find out til I was already out at Sertoma (which, by the way, is all the way across town). And since he had no knowledge of Pappy's inclusion, Harcum, effectively left me out to dry. Let this digital lashing be the junk shot to him that he so justly deserves.

And now I'm over that...

The round still sucked without Harc-dog. I hadn't played since the Sioux Falls course a couple weeks prior (which is a must-post round in its own right). In short, I was rusty at best. But the difficulty was not so much in my playing. Rusty though it was, the main reason the round was so cancerous was the horrible state of the course. Piss! Don't they know how to mow? Its obvious the course is poorly maintained and garners little attention from the city that owns it nor the Mayor's Youth Commission that (is charged with) maintaining it. My once home course is in a sad state of affairs. So much so that I have difficulty calling it my home course. Sertoma, a once beautiful name, is now referred to with a disdainful, yet barely visible cringe and illicits an all but inaudible swear word under my breath.

R.I.P Sertoma of old.

I am the walrus,

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