Friday, June 23, 2006


Well, as several recent posts have mentioned, I have considerably improved my game. I am throwing farther and not every shot is a rainbow anymore. However, there are times when you play for a while and see no noticable improvement. How do you know what state your game is in? We need to remember to take pride in the little changes.

I see Diggs playing consistently on a higher level than myself; and with good reason taking into account his considerable amount of game play and higher level of physical fitness (have you seen my arms?). At that level (and of course higher levels) it becomes hard to remain positive because improvement is a slow process. I remember playing with Diggs throughout the semester and can trace back the progression of makable putting distances. At first her made any straight shot on the wood chips, next he made shots just outside of the chips, finally he began expecting shots with obstructions or bad angles. My point is his chage didn't happen immediatley but there are little things to notice from round to round. Personally, I played a round today and found that the back tees on hole 9 no longer hold a mental block for me. I even landed just short of the rock (I'll catch your guys at ten feet past eventually). Now, I played a pretty horrible overall round today and my accuracy needs a lot of work. But my day can be seen as a sucess because of that one throw on a single hole.

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