Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Working the Poll

As some of you have noticed, we have recently added several new features to the site. The newest of which is a monthly poll. Each month we will probe your minds that we might better know and understand our audience and authors. Last month, our question focused on the most mundane question I could think of: What brand of disc do you prefer? The results? A unanimous selection of Innova. The disc manufacturing giant was always bound to be the selection, though I am surprised that Discraft did not make an appearance.

For my part, I looked in my bag and noted that I tend to have a heavy Innova presence. And while a number of Discraft discs (including the Buzz and Stalker) are my prefered plastic for a number of shots, if I looked at the overall total of shots I take, they most often begin and end with Innova.

Please feel free to comment as to why you made the selection you did. Or if you have other comments, they are welcome as well.

This month's question deals with the strength of our games... What phase of disc golf is your strongest? Results coming at the end of May!

Til then, I hope everyone gets a little world champ lovin'



Mid Range King said...

I voted Innova because that is what the majority of the discs in my bag are. However, I would say that the majority of my shots are completed with with my Discraft friends like the Buzz/Stalker/BangerGT/Surge and someday the Nuke. I would say that I still am an Innova guy but am branching out to see what other discs can help improve my game.

Mid Range King said...

The reason I chose Innova as my disc of choice is simply because that is what I have most in my bag. However, I have a growing number of Discraft discs which I use on a consistant basis.