Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To Hummel or Not to Hummel

Tis a question...

I may or may not have been lamenting the limited discing presence in the Omaha metro. Admittedly spoiled, I have come to expect more. Options are thus...

1) a 5 min drive to a rec course with ungodly wait times during non-school hours and a marked lack of etiquette. The course is decent, but not if I have to look over my shoulder at every corner for jokers throwing in to me!

2) a 20 min drive to a lakeside course that does not incorporate the lake... or teepads... or baskets in some cases. It is also the course that ate my first favorite driver, Da Bomb. The course and I have issues.

3) a 25 min drive to another state to take part in a pretty nice course. Only issue is that unless its the weekend, the distance makes the trip prohibative.

Thankfully, they are opening a new course. Hummel Park will open itself up to our brethren. While still a hike at 25 min away, it is a step in the right direction. It's much more wooded than the holes around here, and from what I can tell, they've taken quite a bit of care in developing the course. At least as much as noob designers could.

As I was warming up with a little putt-putt action, I was approached by a leader in the local dg club. He invited me to take part in the inaugural tourney to be played this Saturday. I remember first thinking, "certainly, it was not my putting that gave him the impression I knew what I was doing." After my initial reaction, I became pretty excited to hit a tourney up again. If you're interested, here's a further look at the tourney and course: http://nebdiscforums.yuku.com/topic/3547/May-14-Hummel-Park-FUNdraiser-tournament-Omaha-NE

Downside, this would also be the first day after Cammi's last final, and I'm sure she'll want to celebrate. So... do I embrace my role as her future hubby and become the always present rockstar fiance or do I forsake such things for a shot at immortality! ...at a non-sanctioned tourney ...which I'll likely lose. Hmm... to Hummel or not to Hummel, indeed!

I'll let you know what happens in this unfolding drama. Until then, keep your woman tight and your approach shots tighter.


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