Sunday, May 01, 2011

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might…

I Wish For a Disc Golf Course Overnight. For as long as I have been playing disc golf I have been dreaming how I would create my own course….if money was no object. I’ve dreamed of someday when I’m a homeowner of at the very least having a basket in the yard for putting. Well I am possibly one step closer to realizing that dream. No I didn’t buy a house. But I did the next best thing. I bought a new disc. Not just any disc a disc that is so special that it can make a nine hole disc golf course appear…the baskets for one anyway.

Ok enough beating around the bush…I stumbled upon an amazing contest by the Disc Golf Association (DGA). Every summer the DGA sponsors a Fundraiser for the Amateur World Disc Golf Championships. The fundraiser always centers around a new disc with the Amateur Worlds logo printed on it. Each fundraiser disc purchased comes with a raffle ticket for the grand prize. A set of nine disc golf baskets!!!! This year they’ve added a new perk. A second chance to win, just write an essay saying what you would do if you won the baskets and then leave it all up to your friends and family to vote for your essay.

I did the first part and bought the disc. Here it is: DGA SP Sparkle Hurricane

The Hurricane is a Maximum Flight Driver that is one of the fastest discs the DGA has to offer. It has amazing glide and when it finds a line, it sticks to it. According to the DGA website, the SP line plastic is the professional premium blend of plastic that allows the disc to fly faster and slightly more overstable then its ProLine plastic cousins. I have yet to throw this disc yet as the weather here in Minnesota has taken yet another turn for the frigid, wet, spring cold.

I’m contemplating of at least trying to write an essay and see what happens. Having two chances is better than one right? When you have a “bad” shot on the course you take the courtesy of at least settling your mind by throwing a provisional shot. Well the essay could potentially be my provisional shot. Another blog post to follow shortly with my essay and all the info on where to vote.

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Diggs said...

Good luck on the essay, and a very big good luck on scoring the baskets!

By the by, I happened to notice that the Am Worlds is in Rochester, NY. We just so happen to know someone in Rochester, one Mr. Reed. I'm just saying...