Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Hummel Tourney That Wasn't

As a follow up to my previous post, I say, "not this time, folks." On Friday, I was able to hit up Treasure Cove DGC over in Council Bluffs (it's actually a nice course they have over there) with my local partner, Josh "Jiggs" Van Roekel. While windy and chilly, we were hopeful that the day would prove fruitful, giving last minute practice for me in prep for the tournament the next day and giving Jiggs a chance to see some decent course action before the Bachelor Weekend of the Century (official new title).

While the fruit did appear in those two regards, we had underestimated three items. Both the wind and the cold were substantially more unfortunate than we had estimated. Wind in general is a bummer, but everyone has to deal with it. Fine. But cold creates such a problem because in order to function, you have to add layers. These layers (sweatshirts, coats, etc) invariably alter throwing mechanics, and I had no desire to mess with those just when I was getting them down. And the other variable was the ground. While it had rained here for the previous couple days, I figured it would have been absorbed enough to provide fairly reliable footbing. Not so.

And so, as I arose on Saturday morn to see that the temperatures were lower, the ground remained soggy, and the wind blew stronger. Therefore, I declined to enter the tournament. I didn't like it, but that's what happened. I will certainly get up to Hummel as soon as I can. I'm pretty excited to throw a wooded course again.

I'll be sure to give you my impression of the course once I play it, as well as other course reviews from around the area. Also on the docket, South Sioux City has introduced their first disc golf course this month! I was able to confirm that the course is up and playable. That being the case, the King and I should have a chance to hit that up during Memorial Day weekend, and hopefully our old home, Sertoma. I'm pretty excited for a reunion run with the King!

Finally, a big welcome to Josh "Jiggs" Van Roekel to the blog with his first post on the homemade baskets. I've known Jiggs for years. We were on the same floor in our college dorm, we played on the lacrosse team together, and has become a reliable and dare I say excitable discing partner this past year. He will be joining the rest of the crew at the Bachelor Weekend of the Century. He's a good ship. The rest of you will like him.

Have a great week ya'll. I'll meet you back at the basket.



Mid Range King said...

Bumber Doug, sorry the weather didn't cooporate for you. Not sure what your plans are for Memorial Day weekend. We are gonna be in SC on Sat/Sun/leaving Mon...Sat afternoon might be the best time for a round of DG if it works out for us.

Diggs said...

I'm thinking Sat afternoon is what we're looking at. I'll have to be back in Omaha for Sunday morning for work. I say we hit up both courses, how 'bout you?