Friday, June 01, 2007

Back 2 Good

For those of you who do not know, I have been struggling as of late. It actually started a couple days before the tournament. For some inexplicable reason, I couldn't turn my discs over. And we're not talking about my Star T-Rex. I bought that disc because it takes a little more to turn her. No, I'm talking about my Sidewinder. I just couldn't do it and I didn't know why. This didn't affect me much in the tournament. I simply made allowances for it and everything turned out fairly successfully. But this sitch in my game quickly wore out its welcome.
You see, ever since I refocused my attention on the backhand shot, I have just been able to turn over discs... no problem (yes, I'm a recovering forehander). The more common problem has been that I couldn't not turn a disc over. I was happy with this problem. I mean, I burned a lot of discs that way, but I could usually fix it with a little hyzer. And initially, I wasn't upset with my new problem. I figured everything would work itself out after a round or two.
Weeks later, I was beginning to get frustrated. My D was suffering and I just couldn't stand it. I began getting angry on the course for the first time in a long time. For this, I must apologize to URB and the King. I'm sure it was difficult to enjoy your rounds in lieu of my frustration. I broke the cardinal rule of the SCDGA... I wasn't cold lampin'.
Anyways, I vowed to correct my throw. I'm back in Sioux City for awhile and Pobey has visited his sister the past few days. So, after experiencing the wind at Sertoma, we headed to Hoover for a little driving range action. The first day, I saw a little improvement. We recognized exactly how much unconscious hyzer I was putting on the disc, helping me see where I was erring and correct accordingly. The second day, though, that's when things started getting crazy. Minor adjustments here and there, and now I'm throwing farther than ever before. Albeit, not terribly accurate shots yet, but they're getting there. I'm just happy to be back.
On another note, I'd just like to congratulate both of our SCDGA members who've scored aces in short order. Being present for Pappy's amazing hole 10 shot has definately been a highlight, and acing H4 on Sertoma is equally commendable on Mike's part. As Providence would have it, we have live footage of Pappy's ace... the only throw we've ever really recorded and it just happens to be an ace!
One last thing. In honor of this being Bob Barker's last week of recording the Price is Right, I'd just like to remind you to have your pets spade or neutered. If you watch Monday, you can see my co-worker in the front row in a shirt that says "Iowa (heart) Bob."
Keep your feet on the ground
and keep reaching for the stars
Song of the Week: "Anytime" by Neil Finn

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